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Friday, October 30, 2009


I had every good intention of accomplishing something/anything today - but sometimes plans such as this are not meant to be.

Firstly - THE MOUSE or multiples, evaded the traps set last night. they got their fill of peanut butter and never triggered the traps. A suggestion by a fellow blogger is being used tonight - placing the peanut butter on the underside of the plate - we shall see I guess. I plan on winning this match. If this does not work, another blogger has suggested using the night vision goggles and a gun!

Secondly - My car was broken into AGAIN - last night. As I mentioned in this post, the same method was used. The sad part is, the culprit IS KNOWN to the police and myself, but proving anything has been quite hard. The little punk was arrested on other juvenile charges last time, served like 60 days and was back in the neighborhood to pilfer from we, the ones who worked for what we have! I know where he lives and now I'm tempted to stake out his house (and the other punk) and catch them in the act. I even asked the cops, why not fingerprint the car - if his show up - they are definitely NOT supposed to be there? Same old, same old - not enough resources or money. DUH!?!!? Wonder why some turn into vigilantes.

Just for clarification...since the break-ins in April, I have diligently locked my car immediately upon exiting. Last night, thedaughter and I drove in town (she was driving), and SHE DID NOT lock the car! Hmmm...I seem to remember that she was at fault the last time. Her punishment has yet to be decided.

Apparently South Carolina is going to be covering their ass again, as it were. After Gov. Mark Sanford's sordid affair and attempted cover-up, Joe Wilson's scream of "You Lie", another former legislator can be added to the mix. Roland Corning, age 66, was caught leaving a cemetery (go figure) with an 18 year old stripper, a bag os sex toys and Viagra. I'm not sure if there is actually a criminal charge here, maybe trespassing, but I do find it comical. Corning was immediately removed from his position as assistant state attorney general though. I wonder, since so many have been caught in compromising positions - with Viagra - do they have a lawsuit against the pharmaceutical company. "The drugs made me do it!"

Lou Dobbs of CNN (the joke of a man), has apparently been caught in a lie. He claimed on his radio show, that his life has been threatened, and he has been shot at - now his wife was a target. When the state police of NJ were contacted, after the initial chuckle, they disclosed that the bullet Dobbs says was meant for his wife, hit the house in the "attic" area, not penetrating the siding, and falling to the ground. This tells me that this shot came from quite a distance, and being so high, she was NOT a target. Dobbs lives in the countryside, with distant neighbors and surrounded by woods. According to the state police, three weeks ago WAS hunting season and incidents like this are many during this time of year. Makes sense to me. I would guess that this goofball was trying to hike up a sympathy audience. Nahhhhh! don't think that will fly.

WTF is up with Joe Lieberman?? never mind, I know the answer. Now he wants to filibuster the Health Reform bill, while just a short time ago, he was anti-filibuster! If this man gets elected again - I may have another coronary. He changes party when it's convenient, and changes his votes on whims as well. Lieberman needs TO GO!!

Another WTF moment - what's with Congress that they feel people do not need an extension on their unemployment benefits. It is typical of these fuktards to WANT to see the breadlines, and more homeless I guess. They have practiced their talent of obstructionism rather well these past 10 months, wouldn't you say?

Check this list of "no" votes on this bill (all rethugs):
John Barrasso - WY
Christopher Bond - MO
Jim Bunning - KY
Thomas Coburn - OK
John Cornyn - TX
Jim Demint - SC
Michael Enzi - WY
Lindsey Graham - SC
Orrin Hatch - UT
James Inhofe - OK
Jeff Session - AL
David Vitter - LA
Roger Wicker - MS

So, if you are represented by these asswipes and have been waiting for an extension of unemployment benefits - blame these obstructionists!

Finally, another Congressman, Steve King (R-IA), thinks the NFL owes Rush Limbaugh an apology. He has targeted Roger Goodell on this one. Comparatively, he states that J Lo and Fergie should be chastised as well for their racist comments. I'm not really sure what planet this gentleman is from - but he needs to get back to reality. If I'm not mistaken, Fergie is part owner of a team at the present time. My advice to King - get a firm grip on your ears, and pull your head out of your ass!

Good health has returned to this household, the weather was great today - we even reached 73*...how wonderful is that? Of course, it is supposed to rain tomorrow evening during Trick or Treat, so it's back to reality I guess.

Have a great weekend......I'm going to work on my Caturday post now.....later........



Sue said...

I believe in using poison for your meeces problem. Now people will always say, OH NO they'll get into your walls and die, but no, they'll go outside and look for water and die out there. Plus they will take the poison to the nest and kill all the problem at once!

John said...

Sue is exactly right...as far as I know. I close off the upstairs in the winter and us mouse poison up there. With cats I don't use it downstairs though. My cats like to torture a mouse, but they don't want them to die. I usually have to intervene!

On other things...I heard that about Lieberman. What a jerk.

I think the NFL owes nothing to Rush Limbaugh, except maybe a kick in the butt.

I'll be back for Caturday, and don't forget to blog about thegrandson's Halloween.

slyght said...

yeah, that sounds like a strange coincidence with the not locked doors. i lost stuff lats time. she can NEVER have the keys to my truck again. you might want to do the same!

Nan said...

There's never just one mouse -- they're highly social, and will actually die from loneliness. The one tip I've gotten that seems to work consistently is to place traps right next to a wall. The critters hug the walls so if you put the traps where they'll run right into them, they'll trigger them even if there's no bait.

What's worked really well for us is the type of trap where the mouse runs into it but can't get out again.

Anonymous said...

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