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Monday, October 19, 2009


HIS ELECTED POSITION! Louisiana Justice of the Peace Keith Bardwell epitomizes the word BIGOT, as he well displayed in refusing to marry Terrence McKay and Beth Humphrey. His explanation revolved around "any offspring" of an inter-racial couple. Of course he never backs up his assertions with statistics (as they are hard to find), as to specifically what any children from this marriage may face. All he claims is that these "future" children are sometimes NOT accepted in the families nor in society.

I look at this as a pre-emptive abortion on his part. Who the fuck is he to decide who may or may not be married? Federal law, since 1967, says otherwise - and there is no legal reason to refuse this marriage. Would he equally refuse a Jew from marrying a Gentile? Maybe even refuse to marry a fellow Southerner from marrying a New Yorker! Hey, Bardwell - you are a freaking JP, not a god!

Listen to his swaggering explanation:

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He reminds me of Ernest T. Bass from the Andy Griffith show. The slow drawl, and woebegone look.

The even funnier part is that Gov. Bobby Jindal - the pre-pubescent GOP hopeful, has voiced his belief that Bardwell's license should be revoked. The dumbass doesn't (or wasn't told) know that this is an ELECTED official? Be that as it may, the oath that this man takes as a JP, specifically states that he cannot refuse anyone his services, for race, creed or religion. So Mr. Bardwell - I would imagine your days as a JP in your deep bayou (really don't know if he's in one) - are numbered.

In assuming that you are saving future generations pain, by denying this couple their nuptials - you have apparently bitten the big one.


I have to admit, I am quite happy that the sheriff in this Colorado town has decided to seek charges against Richard and Mayumi Heene - for the HOAX displayed to America last Thursday. If I could, I would file a suit against these asswipes - for having me so upset and worried that a small child life was in potential danger. I, like so many Americans, was glued to this saga as it developed and as a mother and grandmother, my heart was close to being destroyed.

And they did this for what....a fucking REALITY TV show??? I have seen the various youtube clips of this man and to date, I'm NOT impressed. The clip from Wife Swap, where he was being totally belligerent and demeaning to the "other" wife - all I can say, he should be so thankful, that woman wasn't ME! He would still be trying to get his head out of his ass, after I beat him down!!

In my humble opinion, he comes off as a chauvinistic bastard and total control freak. He isn't even a "meteorologist" - crap, he only finished high school. Heene is definitely a legend in his own mind - and hopefully, this investigative crew will sort it all out and charge him accordingly.

Considering the man-hours and air time for the helicopters and search crews - the monetary retribution should be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. I hope he enjoys working for these agencies FOR THE REST OF HIS LIFE!!

Watching this family as a group on the TV circuit last week - I thought those boys were very ill-behaved. Their new attorney has made the statement that they were just the opposite, but I disagree. I believe that the six year old was telling the truth when he blurted out "doing this for the show", and the parents failed miserably in coaching him to lie!

Let the games begin, and charge him! I can't wait to see the outcome of this huge FAIL.

Back to cleaning, catch y'all...........later...............



TomCat said...

Mom, there's a special phrase to describe folks with that sick attitude. Republican base.

Immortal Woman said...

For every 15 minutes of fame this guy has received, his kids will need 15 hours of therapy.


bad judges bad parents..good ole american values at work.

Chickie said...

The JP - Douchebaggery at its finest.

Balloon boy's dad is a close second.

PattyBoots said...

I came here from BuzzardBilly, so be gentle, k?

In some ways, I don't know what to think here - I believe everyone has their right to believe what they want ... and since he did say that it wasn't that he said they can't get married, it's just that HE wouldn't marry them, I'm almost okay with that. If he wasn't an elected official, I think I would be okay with it. Is it pigheaded? Yup. But is he entitled to his opinion? Well, yep, too. As long as he wasn't trying to block it, as distasteful as it is, it's still freedom of speech/opinion.

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