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Saturday, October 03, 2009


....fiasco - in the works!

Lisa G., one of my "followers" sent me a link regarding our favorite idiot, Michele Bachmann, and she thought a nice blog would be appropriate. After much reading and research - I wholeheartedly agree.

This group You Can Run But You Can't Hide (YCRBYCH), is a sham. Oh, the leader, one Bradlee Dean, may have them believing this group is only out to preach anti-drug, abstinence and other social mores of the day - in fact, it is preaching religion. You can visit their site, and the words God, religion and Jesus are mentioned rarely, it is the underlying message, as affirmed by past school students, that say otherwise.

This Bret Michaels/Axel Rose wannabe...has been going to various schools for over 4 years now. Michele Bachmann is supposed to be the speaker at this Minnesota venue. Like Bachmann, Dean espouses that separation of church and state "does not exist" either in the Constitution or Bill of Rights. DUH!?!?

We know Bachmann is retarded a whack-job (proven every time she opens her mouth), and apparently these two are so mired in their "religious wingnut" ideas - that history never took precedence for them, in school.

No, the words "separation of church and state" are not mentioned per se, in the Constitution, but if they had listened and studied in school, they would have learned the premise of this "clause."

Under the Constitution, the treatment of religion by the government is broken into two clauses, "the establishment clause" which is: "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion..", and the "free exercise clause" ..."or prohibiting the free exercise thereof." The concept of "separation" incorporates these two parts.

These tenets were introduced into the Constitution (1st Amendment), as a deterrent from the Church of England stance, being the sole recognized religion of the time. One need remember that most settlers to this country were fleeing from religious persecution.

The SCOTUS has interpreted these clauses, to mean that religion and government must stay separate for the benefit of both - over 25 times!! the government holds NO religious viewpoint and leaves all decisions about faith and religious practices to its citizens.

With all the "indoctrination" videos and speeches of late - you know where the school children sang songs to Obama (Bush didn't count), and the memorable Bachmann statement of "indoctrination camps" for our youth (hear video clip at the end of post), I'm wondering what Bachmann calls this show by YCRBYCH? If this group even considered coming to a school where my children/grandchildren attend....I would be protesting and pulling my child out immediately.

There have been cases of students walking out on this group, on many occasions. If this religious cult wants to preach their garbage, then work it out with the fringe churches - leave the school children alone. This is INDOCTRINATION at its best - I don't care how they color this group. The following is the radio clip, of Bachmann and ONE of her indoctrination speeches.

The Weekly Standard described Bradlee Dean as:
"a gold plated conspiracy theorist, who will readily hold forth on the mysterious plane crashes of Paul Wellstone and John F. Kennedy, Jr., how Oswald didn't act alone, how O.J. Simpson might've been framed ("He's driving down the freeway, all of a sudden there's this helicopter on this truck - how convenient!"), and how the moon-landing was faked in a television studio..."

Minnesotans better wake up and smell the coffee here...Michele Bachmann is one scary and dangerous individual. She can keep her religious whacked out ideas, but she need not think that it is her divine right to bring the entire country into her fold.

There, LisaG....I've done my research and expressed my thoughts...and I haven't even tried to "indoctrinate" one person today. I think this group needs to be watched and parents informed - before presenting their show to school children.




TomCat said...

Mom, you explained the First Amendment beautifully. The American Taliban has been fighting to indoctrinate young people in schools for a long time. SCOTUS is our only real defense against that, so it's imperative that Obama appoint leftists to the Court, in order to balance the extreme ideologue right bias there now.

Buzzardbilly said...

OMG does that woman have a working brain cell other than the ones that make her lips flap in a senselessly inflammatory way? I think the evidence speaks for itself.

Does the preachy Bret Michaels/Axl Rose wannabee (and, really, Axl is batshit crazy, so anyone who wants to be him must be ignoring a lot of batshit crazy or is themselves batshit crazy) even realize that OJ wasn't "just driving down the road" to find a helicopter conveniently following him. No. His buddy was driving him down the road while OJ sat with a loaded revolver point at himself threatening to kill himself rather than even talk to the police. How can anyone twist the infamous "slow speed chase" into the gub'ment hunting a man they had no reason to want to talk to down as he innocently was driving along.

Excellent post. Though you probably never got into punk even a little (that's a guess on my part and I could be totally wrong) I think you'd enjoy the lyrics from WV's most famous hardcore punk band that I put up today. Totally.

Dusty said...

Spot-friggin-on woman!

Batshit Bachmann and her latest diatribe about 'sex clinics' really chaps my ass. That she is allowed to spew forth that bullshit on the floor of Congress really, really makes me angry.

Recently a journalist asked her about the death of Bill Sparkmen, the census worker in KY..she basically ran away from him and dived into her limo. Fucking cunt.

MNBlue said...

Michele Bachmann is a disgrace to the USA, MN, and the 6th. If you're interested in getting rid of Bachmann, support democratic candidate Dr. Maureen Reed! You can learn more about Maureen, and donate, at: