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Thursday, October 15, 2009

POTPOURI OF "STUFF!"..................

Just a mish-mash of all the "goings on", is all I have to offer at the moment. It is a cold, dank and rainy day, which does nothing to energize me whatsoever. So all I can set forth here is a culmination of "garbage" in the world arena (Ha!).

When watching this video, skip to the 8 minute mark (heaven knows the first eight minutes with Beck will send you to the loony bin), and listen to Bachmann's remarks about staying in politics vs. leaving that forum. WTF??? She is now MICHELLE OF ARC it would seem. Definitely she is a legend in her own delusional mind. I was hoping to find a clip of just the last part, like TPM ran, but they had no embed code, just to complicate my life I guess.

Bachmann handing the "torch of freedom" on to her children and foster children???? Sorry Michelle, but you are not the Statue of Liberty here. Your children and foster children have the right with or without your input. Hopefully, they are independently minded enough, to move past your thwarted and demented thinking and establish their own paths in life. And how's that going with your oldest son in one of Obama's indoctrination camps??? Oh, the brain cells are jumping.

I have been "loving" all the chatter about Rush Limbaugh and his venture to buy into the NFL team, the St. Louis Rams. From all that I have read, one NFL owner voiced his opposition quite loudly regarding this possible move by Limpdick.

The gooftard was one of a group of businessmen, who put a bid in for this purchase, which rankled those who are adamantly against this drug addicted, racist buffoon from having anything to do with this football franchise. Many NFL players remained silent on this matter, but there were a few who voiced their discontent with having this man in such a position.

His BIG mouth and racist comments have come back to KICK HIM IN THE ASS, it would appear. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton have both spoken out against this move. I think the general makeup of pro football players is around the 60% black mark. And Limpdick made references in the past (I believe while an announcer for ESPN) that watching the game was like watching the "Crips and Bloods." That is only one of many racist remarks he has made in the past - so why would anyone think he should be allowed to enter the forum again - to run his foul mouth?

In an interview with NBC, he made the statement that he would "never cave" on this issue and he would still pursue this purchase. WELL........his business buddies apparently saw the downfall to his inclusion in their little group. He now does not have to "cave" at all....because they KICKED HIS ASS OUT OF THE GROUP!!! (Visualize my chubby body doing a happy dance!)

It would appear that CNN may have to replace Alex Castellanos as a Republican strategist on future programs. While arguing the rethug POV at various times against this health care reform, it would appear that he has been promoting/representing some of these large health insurance agencies. The last time I saw him on CNN, was when Rep. Grayson came on, after his "in your face" comments on the floor, "get sick, you die" placards and a definitely fed up with the status quo attitude. Castellanos tried to get in Grayson's face, but he lost on all counts. I'm sure since this has hit the news, CNN will definitely change his status, from strategist to lobbyist.

AND FINALLY.............

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Jon Stewart may be all about "funny", but humor aside, this monologue hit the nail on the head. Minnesotans can be very proud of finally having Al Franken as a representative in the Senate. This issue of "gang rape" by private contractors needed to be addressed, and without Franken, we may have never heard some of these details. Sen. Jeff Sessions is a punk and as a woman - I'd like the opportunity to kick his ass. One image that pops into my head now, is....what if Liz Cheney were in this poor woman's position, and was gang raped. What would daddy say then? "Stiff upper lip baby, life goes on and you just gave a wonderful gift in the name of patriotism!" These war mongering, neo-cons have such a warped sense of "right and wrong." We know this because "waterboarding" is NOT torture - just ask any of these fukktards.

Go Jon Stewart and Al Franken. Keep up the fight for those who have a hard time being heard.

OK, I have to go out into the rain (yes, I may melt), and run a couple of errands. Not exactly what I desire for the day, but all tasks are imperative.

Catch y'all.............later.....................



Anonymous said...

Michelle Bachman has foster children? Holy hell, those poor kids.


i love jon stewart, al franken and obi wan obermann

John said...

My favorite part of the potpourri of stuff is about Rush Limpdick (LMAO)! Being so close to St. Louis, not to mention owning enough Rams stuff to open a Rams gift shop, you can imagine how upsetting the news was for me about him becoming part owner. I never in a million years would've thought he would be tossed out of the possible buyout! It's like saying "we don't want your dirty money!" Hurrah!

Now maybe that whole incident will light a fire under the Rams ass and give them a reason to try and win a game!

As for rain, OMG, I know, it has rained here almost everyday for two weeks and it's still in the forecast. We get a lot of it first since we're west of you. Enough with the rain already!

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

There are times when I get totally frustrated with the Beck, Limbaugh, and Bachman crazy train but then I am reminded that the universe tends to bring bad karma back to those who throw it out there. All you have to do is be patient. Rush losing his dream to buy a football team will hurt him more than anything we could ever say to him and I am loving that fact that he realizes now how powerless he really is. Brilliant.