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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

IT'S ABOUT TIME..................

The latest announcement has Pres. Obama (Dept. of Treasury), taking a hard stance against these CEO's and their flagrant "bonus" pays. This is being applied to the BIG companies, and the hope is to limit their bonus pays to $200,000. That sure beats the multi-million dollars they were hoping to enjoy.

Citi, Bank of America, AIG, GM, and Chrysler are among these top payers. I say, it's definitely about time - since they had no qualms about accepting the TARP money - which is OUR taxpayer dollars. I honestly do not believe that the private jets, expensive retreats and other perks have been stopped either.

These banks essentially got bigger, and have not opened their doors to better arrangements with us - the public. They (banks) haven't tried to work out arrangements or pay schedules with those facing foreclosure. This has always boggled my mind....the banks have sold off so many mortgages - that trying to find the original "paper" on these transactions has become impossible.

Rather than have thousands of homes sit empty and falling into disrepair - the banks or note holders have refused to work with customers - instead becoming holders of soon to be, worthless real estate. DUH!!!

The repukes will scream "government intervention" - so what!! They must like being raped (monetarily) and having no say in the matter AND relishing that the middle class is no longer! This bold move is most assuredly called for. Many have been voicing their displeasure with these bigwigs since last February - so now is the time to hold them accountable to the taxpayers and those monitoring the TARP funds.
I have been busy CLEANING, and I must say, the older one gets the harder these mundane jobs become. The weather changed so quickly to cold and damp - I had no time to get some of the seasonal tasks completed.
I did close up the back deck - and my body paid dearly for that undertaking. Yesterday, I did absolutely NOTHING. the weather was gorgeous today - sunny and 70*, so I decided to wash all the curtains and windows (inside and out). I feel much better now, although the cat managed to get her nose prints all over one of the clean windows. I'm running around (OCD) re-cleaning those spots. I think I need a straight jacket.
The task of mopping the kitchen floor will have to wait till tomorrow or Friday, because I am positive I will be in considerable pain after being up and down the ladder today. I'm just too damn old for this crap anymore. The mind is willing and the body says...WTF??!?!?!
Since it is such a beautiful day - I laid out a couple of steaks for the grill tonight, and they are happily marinating in the fridge.
Got to run and complete the last load of wash, and thegrandson is home now and may need homework assistance. Have a great day............catch ya later.............................



Shiny Rod said...

Personally, I don't think they should get anything for running a company into the ground. They should be paying that money back for having tax payers bail their collectives asses out of hot water.

jadedj said...

I have never understood the concept of bonus. What the fuck? Bonuses for CEO? Jesus, they already are pulling down obscene salaries, and stock options, and perks. Bullshit to bonuses. Oh God this brings out the leftness in me.

jadedj said...

BTW-just gave you an award. Come over and get it.

Liberality said...

The bonus they need is a swift kick in the ass!

I don't know how you do it--I get tired just reading about the work you have been doing!

TomCat said...

Hi Mom. Disgusting!! What these banks did is used the TARP money to speculate on Wall Street and make big bucks. Break them up. Too big to fail = too big to exist.

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