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Monday, September 28, 2009


...to play hardball. At least the Secret Service needs to step up and start arresting these morons who are inciting violence towards President Obama. Here is a shot of the poll which was posted on Facebook (has been since taken down)!

No matter how you color this posting, the individual responsible for "putting it out there" needs to arrested and charged with threatening the POTUS. Whoever this person is, be it a teenager, young adult or old son-of-a-bitch fart...they have to learn that there are consequences for their unbelievably stupid actions.

Speaking of irresponsible assholes, Ann (Man) Coulter made the insane comment on Faux Noise, that the "liberals" are behind all the Obama painted as Hitler posters being bandied about. Consider the fact that she also claims that liberals relish in being "victims." The list has almost become endless of all the idiotic, ludicrous statements she has made. Remember when she denigrated the 9/11 widows - and Faux joined in her revelry? I hope she makes it onto the "rejected" list at Past The Velvet Rope this week. **Remember to visit there - it only posts on Fridays. Please!!

During my slumber channel surfing the other night, again I ended up hearing Hannity's aggravating voice, and I opened ONLY one eye. He was interviewing some man who was irate that his children were being "indoctrinated" by the singing of a song about Obama. I have to admit I have not seen any video of this, but I do remember after Hurricane Katrina, a group of school children singing the praises of W - and all he had done for those in the devastated area. I also remember almost beating my head against a wall - because all I could think of was "WTF did he do for those poor people?" It wasn't an indoctrination song - as well as I can't imagine one about Obama being any different.

Oh well, let the rethugs rant and rave, because that is all they have at the moment. They, as a political party, are so fucked up and disorganized - it will take at least a decade to pull their collective heads out of their asses.

The wind is vicious at this moment, and we have a wind warning until 8 pm tonight. So if it is still blowing at 8:01 pm, I'm going off on the Weather Channel. I have four HUGE trees in back of my house, and worry constantly that if they topple - they will crush my house. So, I pray for them to fall a little more eastward and that ought to clean up the neighborhood. Honestly, they need at least "topped" out, so the threat will lessen. I won't even start on ALL the leaves that are amassing on my deck - I will deal with them later - or at least the ones left after the wind blows them elsewhere.

Got to put a load of laundry in, and run the vacuum. The dog is working on her winter coat, and all this hair falling off in clumps is driving me nuts. She will be pissed and possibly cold, as I am getting her hair cut again tomorrow. Wonderful pet that she is, she won't freeze. For being a large dog, she thinks she's a poodle or priss and only runs and does her business, then whines to come back in the house. What a wus!

Have a great day, and I shall return ...... later ..................



Dr. Monkey said...

I refuse to even utter that woman's name on my blog.

Mommy Lisa said...

ick - she is scary.


I'd like 15 minutes alone with her/him ...i would kick her/his ass for the entire 15 minutes ...

slyght said...

haven't i ever booted her yet? i guess she's been off the circuit for a few weeks. thanks for pushing PTVR, but it's only tuesday; it's early to be thinking about rejecting people already.

Nan said...

The Daily Show did a good takedown of that nonsense being hyped by Hannity et al about indocrination and the Obama song: the video is from last February from a Presidents Day school program that included songs about several presidents, past and present, and was a one-time event.

You must have a strong stomach. I don't know how you manage to watch even a few nanoseconds of any of those wingnuts. I can't make it through more than a couple sentences without having to switch channels.

TomCat said...

Mom, may I respectfully suggest a Coulter warning will above any picture of her. This will enable us to turn our heads in time, because barf is bad for keyboards.

On the nut-job that posted the poll, it's a Glen beck wannabe.

G said...

Right, like Democrats are organized?

As for the poll, it was very much in bad tast, yes, and I do hope the Secret Service arrests the person(s) responsible, but why do you make the assinine assumption TomCat, that the person who created it is a Glen Beck wannabe?

Do you find it that hard to believe that someone could hate the president AND not be a Glen Beck supporter?