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Sunday, September 20, 2009


Sunday is my day for football, right??? Not at the moment it would seem. I don't even know how long ago it was, that I replaced the toilet seat with an Oak seat with metal hinges. But I know now, that I will NEVER do that again.

It has rusted and become unsightly - so I bought a "soft" cushion seat one yesterday. Figuring, I have replaced many a seat in my lifetime, I decided to tackle this job before settling in to my day of football.

So far, I have used every expletive I know (and I know thousands), and the rusted bolts are still attached. Several doses of WD-40 have not helped me with this task either. The bathroom now looks like a plumber's toolbox...wrenches, pliers, ratchets...you name it - I have the tool, but apparently NOT the strength. My patience has literally gone on vacation also!!

Having been married to a plumber, I did learn quite a bit - especially how to swear properly! I have come to the conclusion that this job is best left to one much stronger than myself. I try to do as much as I can by myself...but now I feel I am going to have to ask for help. Thedaughter says she will accomplish this task when she gets home from work - but she has no strength in her wrists either.

I hate being this frustrated. Maybe it is because I have to recognize the fact of my age and heart issues, and that I am no spring chicken anymore. This is not a frame of mind I am willing to give into - yet!

For all this time I have been fighting with the water closet - I could have built a fucking outhouse!!

I QUIT!!! The tools will remain in the bathroom till thedaughter makes her attempts. For me....I'm going to put on another pot of coffee and get ready for the Steelers/Bears meet up!!

Have a great weekend (what's left) all....later...........

**There will be updates as to this task - have no fear.


Sue said...

damn rusty bolts!! Happened to me not too long ago, I think the husband sprayed some shit and they loosened, just keep spraying or you might have to get out a saw!! Yuk, good luck!! (do ya got the rubber gloves on? I have a phobia, pubic hair!!! LOL) Oh, I can't look at a toilet commercial either, grosses me out!


get a hacksaw and saw them off..

LL Cool Joe said...

I was going to suggest a hacksaw too.

Shiny Rod said...

Normally, I would help someone with this problem. the issue with trying to use a hacksaw is you can not get the blade inside the recess. WD-40 the bolts and let them soak overnight. One of the reasons the toilet seats now have nylon bolts, they don't rust or seize up.

Chickie said...

Wow, what a pain. I hope you're able to get it off soon. Isn't it funny how pissed off you can get at one task? I remember having a hard time opening a bottle of wine once. So, I took it into the yard and smacked the neck against a tree to break it off.

Anonymous said...

To all: The WD-40 would have worked great had the screws not been stripped and rusted. Even with bad wrists I somewhat got hem loose enough to what we thought we'd saw off. Instead I found a friend with powertools and got a grinder of some sort and got the job done in about 5 seconds. I did however knick and scratch the porcelain but to fix that I have ordered a porcelain touch up kit with paint included, therefore Thedaughter to the rescue. Gotta love powertolls and paint.

Job well done Mom!!