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Sunday, September 13, 2009


This weekend (at least Saturday) proved to be interesting - to say the least. For starters, in trying to get a bottom drawer back on track, I tripped over my own feet and went head first into the counter. This produced great head and neck pain for the remainder of the day - and of course, we were out of Tylenol!! After that debacle, I chose to do absolutely NOTHING else "productive" for the rest of the day.

I channel surfed, trying to catch the ladies semi-finals at the U.S. Open - which was cancelled due to rain. So until college football started, I watched OLD U.S. Open matches (from '91 and '99). I so need a life.

With a massive headache (and neck pain), I still have babysitting duties to contend with, but thegrandson was playing at various neighbors houses, for the most part. I finally called him in to dinner around 5:30 pm, as I wanted him to "clean" the living room and his toy room. For whatever reason, my living room has become Lego Central. Two boxes of parts and constructed projects take up the tables, chair and couch. If nothing else, I would like to have a presentable living room, but to date...that is so not happening.

After thedaughter got home from work, I tried again at 8 pm (the scheduled time) to watch the U.S. Open - well - the Ghost Whisperer was on, so I assumed (bad idea) that there would be no tennis last night. When I started drifting through the channels at 11 pm - THE U.S. OPEN WOMEN'S SEMI-FINALS WAS ENDED!! WTF?!?!? I am a master at surfing the channels and I missed the match.

This morning, I find that Serena Williams was eliminated. I liked the Williams sisters when they were fledglings on the circuit, but as they became greater, they also became arrogant and snotty - losing me as a fan. Nevertheless, apparently Serena had a nasty time during the match, breaking her racket and garnering penalty points at one time. At the end, and she was losing, she had a foot fault, resulting in a double fault and loss of point - and she went off on the poor line judge, just doing her job. BTW, foot faults are rarely called, but not totally unheard of. On the video available of this incident, the crowd is so loud, one cannot really hear what Serena is saying to the judge, but it had something to do with cramming a tennis ball down her throat. TACKY! The end result, was a personal penalty, which lost the match for Serena. I'm OK with this, as I liked Kim Clijsters from many years ago, before she retired to become a mommy.

How about that "million-man Teabagger's March" in Washington, D.C., yesterday? The D.C., fire department estimate was between 60-70,000 people. Enough to fill a football stadium. But they claim victory and all the mantras that go along with fanatics.

I was really pissed over some of the signs that were revealed. One, I will not even post, was an anti-Obama sign on the ground with horse shite on top - and people were taking pictures of such a "wonderful sight." This is such an unintelligent bunch of cretins.

"We came unarmed...THIS TIME! These are real idiots.

These folks have no idea what FASCISM really means!

Again, these people have no RESPECT!!

A prime example of REDNECK mentality!

The "GLENN BECK IS MY HERO" around this guy's neck - says it all - STUPID!!
As for "Muslim Marxist" - take your hate and go home fool!!

I wasn't impressed at all with any person who was stopped and interviewed. There were those who were promoting Joe Wilson and his claim of "you lie", those who refuse to let Obama touch their Medicare, and scream against Socialism.....more dumb, therefore.....FAIL!

It's NFL time, so I'm going to try and relieve this neck pain...thankfully the headache has diminished. Have great day and I shall return.......later............


Sue said...

I'm up to my eyeballs in insanity today!! The pictures floating around are an embarrassment to our country, These shameful morons don't even deserve to live in this country!!!

Utah Savage said...

I spent my day twittering my life away. It was very interesting on twitter. One tweeter called for Obama to be assassinated and probably got a visit from secret service as well as getting booted from twitter. Oh yes, there are some standards they won't stand for on twitter. You can swear up a storm, but you can't threaten the President. You can call him names, but there is a limit.

Sorry about the accident you had. Bummer, or rather, necker.

I still like those fierce Williams girls. And we saw a lot of bad behavior from some of the male champions of past days. Just saying.

Shiny Rod said...

Mom, be careful now. Do I have to come and Mom proof your house? Just kidding. Hope you start feeling better.

There's a line in one my favorite movies. It perfectly fits the situation with the protesters "What did you expect? "Welcome, sonny"? "Make yourself at home"? "Marry my daughter"? You've got to remember that these are just simple farmers. These are people of the land. The common clay of the new West. You know... morons."

As for Serena, she should have kept her cool, it's bad enough to lose the match but to be fined $10,000, well I know I would be more upset in losing the money than losing the match.

Sue H. said...

I live in the Twin Cities and attended the Obama rally on Saturday. My dh and I felt really good being with over 15,000 people plus more outside in support of Obama! Yes there were protesters in the streets, but I think they were fairly civil. However it makes us angry that their was hardly any news coverage on this in the news. And when there was, it seemed like more was spent on the protesters then what was really happening in the Target Center. I am also very upset that Tim Pawlenty is getting on all of these shows on cable networks. No one ever asks him about the 35,000 people he cut from "Minnesota care" who are the poorest and sickest in the state. Of course I am ashamed that Michele Bachman is from Mn., but thankfully we have Al and Amy for our 2 Senators!

slyght said...

it would be nice to see more people assembling in public places to stand in support for obama's health care reform plan, but sadly, most of those people don't have the luxury to take time off work to do that. if they miss work, that's money out of their pocket that they actually NEED in case they have to see a doctor. it's oppression of the weak at it's best.

Nan said...

Think Bill Maher nailed it when he called it the Million Moron March.

Hope your neck is feeling better now.

Infidel753 said...

These folks have no idea what FASCISM really means!

One obvious trait of a fascist government is that it doesn't tolerate protests or criticism. If this were really a fascist government, the teabaggers would all be under arrest. Luckily it isn't, and they (and everyone else) have freedom of expression, including the freedom to make fools of themselves in public.

Calling the American government fascist or Communist is an insult to all the victims of real fascism and Communism.