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Friday, September 25, 2009


I've had some things that needed to be completed, so I took a teeny tiny break from here. I will have everyone caught up (reading their blogs) by the weekend, hopefully.

With all the "racist" tones of the day...it appears to be hitting close to home, as you can read here.
this is a picture of Mark Mentzer, mentioned in the article. His mother was also arrested for "obstructing an officer." When confronted by the news reporters as the two boys emerged from court this morning, they repeated their "no comment" when asked multiple questions. The mother was curt and in my opinion, rather nasty to the reporter when she was asked a couple of questions.

Be that as it may, the text messages, the stockpile of bomb making equipment and other "stuff" - not to mention the text messages, MySpace and other postings made by Mentzer, he instilled a great deal of fear within the student body. With some of the comments he has made, he appears to me, to be a white supremicist wannabe. But looking more closely - I would hazard a guess that he has been influenced from WITHIN the home. I could be wrong, but I realize that my beliefs have influenced my children to a degree, and were I a racist, I'm sure that would have shown through also.

Anyone who knows me, knows I do not have bigoted or racist views whatsoever. I also find it hard to imagine how anyone (white person) feels they are superior to another race. I leave it to those who open their mouths and ignorant statements to define themselves - then I could possibly make that assumption.

Much like the attitude of the right in present politics. One would have to be a complete moron to believe that the opposition to Obama is NOT based primarily on race. I should only aspire to be as eloquent and intelligent as Mr. Obama.

I was going to post the clips from Jay Leno's show last night, and his "guest" Limpdick. The more I thought of that posting - I became nauseous. He made so many insane comments, they are better off ignored. As for Leno - I'm not to happy that he gave the druggie the forum to spout off his insanity. Nope, not happy at all.

We are headed out to dinner and thought I would just make this a quickie. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend - the temps are dropping into comfortable Fall levels, albeit the rain we are forecast for tomorrow.

I will be posting a Caturday spot - so until then.......Later......


Anonymous said...

Limpdick was Leno's guest? You're kidding. As if anyone needed another reason not to watch Leno.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

When I was ten I used the N word. My dad spent an hour telling me why that was the ugliest word in the English language. He was also the same man who made sure we visited a concentration camp when we lived in Europe so we could understand what true evil was. So I am confident I will never be a racist. You are right. It starts at home. For each of these asshats taht gets arrested a parent should be in there with them.

jadedj said...

I find that I just can't listen to, or watch, even a minute of Limpballs bullshit. Seriously...it pumps my BP up by about 30 points, if not more. I would probably drop dead if I listen to much more than that.

I am shocked at the Leno guest appearance thing...what the hell is he thinking.

Mnmom said...

Guess that seals it - I won't be watching Leno.