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Monday, September 21, 2009


Oh, give me a fucking break! You have to listen to this fukktard and the drivel he is espousing at the "Values Voters Summit." He dispels the theory that homosexuality is genetic, and places all the blame on PORNOGRAPHY!! He knows, because his friend who enjoyed a homosexual lifestyle - until "saved" by a religious intervention, told him so! WTF is wrong with people like this? Granted, he is speaking before the only people in America with "values" - the rethuglians!! We, who dispel all their BS, are heathens...and I would guess he assumes we are all homosexuals.

My question or query, as it were...how many of the people listening to this ridiculous banter, rushed home and BURNED ALL THEIR PORN??? The man has spoken, if a MAN watches porn - he cannot love his wife as he should. Hmmmmm.....Are there no women out there who may watch porn WITH their husbands? I did! OMG I am going to burn in some fire for eternity!!!

BTW, Dickipedia has a wonderful definition of "teabaggers." These goofs are summed up rather well - STUPID!!!


Yesterdays fiasco with the toilet seat, is one I hope I never have to endure again. I cannot remember the last time I was this frustrated over accomplishing a task. I finally made the decision to get "new" hacksaw blades and saw the damn rusty bolts off - but thedaughter was at a friends, and came home with an electric "grinder" of some sort. Now, I like my power tools as much as the next person, but this was one I was unfamiliar with - and had my concerns.

She donned her safety goggles and told us to move away - no problem on that one. From around the corner I saw sparks flying, making my heart rush a little. Aha, one bolt off....she then goes thru the routine a second time, only there was less room between the top of the bolt and she tipped the grinder, leaving black marks in the porcelain...but the bolt was severed!!! Now, I would have been happy spending time sawing away - but even with the "marks", I have to say this was much quicker.

Then on to the clean-up, putting ALL the tools back in their proper places, replacing the seat - the task was completed by 10 pm. Damn, how stupid. I am now sporting a camouflage band aid (thanks grandson) for the HUGE blister I have on my thumb. My entire body is sore, from all the tugging, pulling and body manipulation, in my efforts yesterday.

Today is a day of nothing. It is cloudy, humid and threatening rain. A great day to jump back in bed and nap my life away!

Have a great one all...I shall return.....later..........


Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

You should have found some male masturbater to get those bolts off. I'm sure he would have had enough strength in his wrist to get the job done quickly and easily.

John said...

HaHa! I can remember in the late 70's, the movie theater in my tiny little home town showed XXX movies at midnights on Saturdays! My brother and his wife went to every show and half the town did. I was too young or I would've went too LOL! Anyway, I don't recall any of them turning out homosexual. That is so stupid!

I was gone most of the weekend, but read about your toilet seat misadvetures! That is a royal pain--absolutely no room in my bathroom to get up under there and loosen bolts. I know, because I went throught that last year! Now they have plastic bolts and I think one is stripped, because the seat doesn't align exactly right. GRrrr!

Dusty said...

I try very hard not to knock the voters in a particular area, or lump them all together...but:

Any asshole that voted for Coburn should be drawn and quartered and then put in one of the overcrowded prisons I am sure OK. has.

Kelly W. Patterson said...

I'm sure it was a "friend" that told that porno makes you feel gay.

"if a MAN watches porn - he cannot love his wife as he should" - By that logic does gay porn make you straight?

Complaint Department Manager said...

I have come(no pun intended) to the following conclusion. Any man that watches porn is...a man.

Any woman that watches porn is...a potential bride.

That is all I have to contribute.

Anonymous said...

How long before that man is found to have a giant collection of kiddie porn on his office computer? 5..4...3...2..

jadedj said...

The juxtaposition of Values Voters and toilet seats is beautiful. Wish I had thought of it.

As to the porn bull. I'm thinking it merely put the idea in those attending to go home and Google porn. Har. Where do these stupid shits come from.


i had to change my toilet seat too and it was a pain in the ass..there is no room to do anythinbg in most bathrooms...but it's fixed and didnt have to saw anything..

Shiny Rod said...

Forgot all about the Dremel. But that saved the day and much unneeded frustration. I guess I'm gonna burn for all burlesque and strip clubs I visited in my younger days

slyght said...

dr. monkey, i would've, but i'm in egypt. hah. TheMom knows about my "extensive" adult movie collection, and she also knows i'm pretty damn straight, but then again, when i volunteered for all those psych experiments at university, more often then not, i was the outlier data point.

and TheMom, remember my last plumbing fiasco in maadi? http://slyght.blogspot.com/2008/07/too-smart-for-my-own-good-or-at-least-i.html

Warped Mind of Ron said...

Porn makes you gay??? WTF? As a single male I have seen more porn than most Congressmen and I do distinctly prefer the female parts.

Randal Graves said...

I better go tell my wife that I'm gay, I guess.

Fast Getaway said...

Somebody should tell Hugh Hefner about this.