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Thursday, September 10, 2009


Yes theson....this would be THE ROBE!!! Anyone in the Cleveland area may remember it vividly, as you were known as "bathrobe boy" while attending Case Western Reserve University. As anyone can see...you were an avid seamstress, repairing it diligently with the best fix-it - duct tape!

Considering you began your matriculation's in 1996 - this robe is at least that old - unless you wore it in high school, which my brain cell doesn't remember. I know there was a yellow robe in high school (the one decorated nicely when you ran for Coroner) - and possibly this one as well.

Needless to say, I have had to do some major closet cleaning and thedaughter had some issues that had to be addressed - and lo and behold - I find THE ROBE!!

Theson is always nagging me about saving things - and I need to just send this stuff to the landfill, rather than store and save. Sooooo...call the medics for theson - THE ROBE IS HEADED FOR THE LANDFILL AS I TYPE!!!

I can remember my very best friend saying, "he needs to lose the robe and cut his hair" to make something of himself. He studied well, got excellent grades and landed an excellent job - of course he did not interview with the robe, but the long hair remained. He did quite well and no mom could be any prouder of their "weird child." I mean that in a loving way of course. We all march to a different drummer and that is who we are.

Thedaughter had an issue with condensation from her bedroom air conditioner and a mold situation was beginning. So, yesterday we tore the room apart, broke down the bunk type bed, had two twins to replace it, and major scrubbing began. Thegrandson was tickled with his new bed and even made the bed this morning. I'm impressed.

This morning, I began cleaning out the upstairs hall closet and found more things to be packed onto the truck headed for the landfill. I scrubbed the floor on my hands and knees - and btw, I'm never doing that again. I'm too old for this shit!

My next project is to clean and straighten up thesons bedroom, as hopefully he will be home by the end of this month. I haven't seen him since Christmas, except on Skype of course. While he is out of the country he purchases a lot of "things" and all the boxes just pile up in his room - and when he does get home, not remembering what he has ordered - it is like Christmas for him.

Now onto another subject - Obama's healthcare address from last night. I thought it was terrific. He showed a forcefulness that was much needed. while watching the GOP and their stubborn stance - it took a lot for me not to jump through the set and throttle a few. When the South Carolina representative hollered out "you lie" I thought I would choke on my teeth. I have watched probably every major presidential address over the past 40 years - and I have never - NEVER - heard such a flagrant remark such as that. I'm sorry, but an apology is just not enough. The Sergeant-At-Arms should have had his ass removed from the hall.

I loved afterwards, when McCain and other GOP'ers were stating that they were holding up their bills - more or less saying that Obama has been denying such bills. C'mon...I would imagine that these are more 19 page proposals which state nothing - since that is what they have been doing for the past nine months.

The rethugs are opposed to a public option - this we know. If they had their druthers, they want insurance companies to still be in control and to basically "clean up their act." Would that be like the bankers and the Madoff's of the world? For chrissakes - these are the people who have a stranglehold on the industry. They can't check themselves - hell no, and then what would the lobbyists have to do? I fired off more e-mails after the speech than I care to count...but I want our President to stick by his guns and go forward with his proposals. Enough of the GOP dragging everything down - appeal to your own party and forget bipartisanship - Obama has tried, and the right has refused...and then cry and bemoan that "he hasn't even tried to reach across the aisle." Lame ass lies and spin.

I just heard on the news, that a Texas school that refused to air Obama's message to students the other day, is sending all the students to hear a speech by FORMER president Bush!! WTF is that all about. C'mon Jacque - tell me what is wrong with those idiots.

I have to get back to the cleaning thing now...hope I'm not in too much pain by the time I get it all accomplished. Have a great day and I shall return....later...


Sidhe said...

Good for you, that robe definately needs to go! We did a garage sale last weekend and I've still got a load that needs to go to the local charity...purging can be quite liberating (but scrubbing the floor brings you right back to reality, huh?).

Lisa G said...

That robe is hideous! I have a ton of stuff that has to go to charity, one load is already in the car. It is a never ending process and I swear I don't know where it all comes from even though I'm the only one in the house who buys anything.

Obama kicked ass last night and that Joe Wilson ass should be given 5 minutes in a room with Obama so he can kick his ass. What a *ucktard. These republicans only sink lower and lower - they're licking the curb right about now.

Jackie said...

noooo not the robe! it's gone??? geesh, that was part of Z. I remember back in highschool when he dated my daughter he always wore that damn robe. LOL but it was part of who he was....damn, sorry to hear it's gone.....

G said...

The Republicans are only matching the Democrats.

Tell me, were all of you this incensed when the Dems were piling on GWB when he didn't deserve it?

Shiny Rod said...

Isn't that the same robe the Romans where eh maybe not.

G - Bush deserved it but no one called him a liar in the middle of a formal speech. At least respect the post if can't respect the man.

Chickie said...

Poor robe. It lived a good life.

I also thought I was going to spin a circle on the couch when I heard the heckling during the President's speech. Are those people in grade school?

themom said...

Sidhe: reality check for sure!

Lisa G: I would say Wilson is a definite embarrassment to their party at the moment.

Jackie: In a way I wish I could have given it a decent burial..but c'est le vie!

G: And how are the Dems matching the Repubs? The Dems have never interrupted the president on the floor of Congress, yelling "liar!" the Dems have never waved papers around like high school kids. The Dems have never had a member get up and walk out in a huff. We now see why these town halls were interrupted such as they were. the GOP has set a perfect example. And when did the Dems "pile on" GWB when he DIDN'T deserve it??? We should have accepted the lies and misinformation that he and Cheney were spoon feeding the American public - right! Get a grip and pull your head out of your ass!

Shiny Rod: You may be right about that robe - I should have it carbon dated. As for G - he just likes to stir the pot.

Chickie: You hit the nail on the head...they acted like school children. It is possible that Joe Wilson may be facing censure - that would set an example.

slyght said...

WHY?! no really, WHY?! we could've washed it, stored it in my room, it's big enough. you don't just throw away memories! that robe was my get-the-fukk-out-of-the-moshpit indicator! if i die, in a moshpit now, it's on you. man that sucks. so not fair. i'm throwing your... your... your bed away when i get home!

themom said...

slyght: luv ya baby! I know I will have to grovel some more, for you to forgive me. The damn duct tape was DRY ROTTED!! Ewwwwwwww! I may have saved ONE robe, I will check it out. heehee!