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Friday, September 04, 2009



Juggling all we need to cram into today has been fun, to say the least. After school, we are hoping to Skype UncleZ (theson) who is still in Egypt, so he can watch thegrandson open his presents and give a personal wish. He will be speaking to another Uncle also later this afternoon. Then off to dinner, a place of thegrandson's choice, then home for cake and ice cream with the neighbor kids. **Then my nervous breakdown. Pictures later!

Now for the wingnuts who are just "making everything up as they go.." President Obama is making a speech to the youth of our country next Tuesday, and these fukktards, with their never ending LIES, are trying to turn this into an "indoctrination via TV" of our youth. Good grief...and we all know how the mass of wingnuts fall lockstep in line with their dubious leaders.

It was certainly OK for Ronald Reagan to address the school children, which was broadcast live, in November of 1988. I do not remember an uproar over that. In Reagan's speech, he discussed a great deal of "policy", which is one thing Obama is avoiding. But that means nothing to these blithering idiots. Oh, sometimes I forget that Reagan is on a pedestal with these loons, no matter that he gave arms to Iran, kept his head in the sand on the AIDS crisis and heaped an incredible debt on this nation, unlike any seen before that time. Hey Ron - that "supply side economics" really worked huh??

Michelle Malkin has made the statement "parents have every right to worry about their children being used as Political Guinea Pigs for Change." Right Michelle, and your head is sooo far up your ass, you will never see daylight!

From Newsmax:
"The fascist in chief is taking his special brand of brainwashing to the classroom. Keep your kids home. I think this man is a threat to our basic unalienable rights. I don't want him indoctrinating my children. Seriously."

Some say he is going to preach personal responsibility and socialism to the kids. DUH??? Wouldn't they be polar opposites?

According to reports out of the WH, Obama is going to speak about citizenship, personal responsibility and civic duty to K-6. The high school students will hear about the same things plus enforcing goals in their life and persistence. Now, any of these may make the "spin" of the right, but these are essential elements in everyones life or at least they should be. I see nothing here about POLICY.

Reagan did the policy speak. Anyone remember George W. Bush's first televised press conference, where he asked all school children to send $1.00 - to be used to help the children of Afghanistan with food and medical supplies? I do!! Now, is that policy or civic duty?

While Bush was in office - we, who opposed him on just about every turn, did not have to make up lies - everything was evident. The lies being perpetuated by these lunatics (anyone who reiterates all the lies) is more prevalent than I can ever remember. Even when confronted and corrected on their falsehoods...they still keep it up.

I personally have no problem with the POTUS addressing the school children about their civic duties and education needs. We shall see what happens next Tuesday, I guess. Attendance may be down at some schools because of those with half a brain, so the only losers will be the children.

Much to do, I shall return.........later............


LL Cool Joe said...

Happy Birthday to the Grandson!!

Shiny Rod said...

I with you all the way on this one Mom. Happy Birthday to the Grandson, he is such a handsome fellow.

giggles said...

Happy Birthday, grandson!!

Now. I LOVE the fact that you can remember the wingnuts doing the very same thing in the past and no one saying a word to stop it.. I LOVE your outrage. You are always spot on!!!!! Fukktards indeed.... And how in the world do they get away with all their bullshit... un-fukking-believable!!!!!!!!!!

Cali said...

If I were a principal, I would phone the homes of every absent child on Tuesday and remind them that schools are paid based on attendance. Then I would tell them that every child who was absent on Tuesday would need a doctor's excuse or would receive an unexcused absence and that the parents of children with unexcused absences would be billed for the amount that the school should have received for each child for that day. What do you want to bet that a bunch of those kids would suddenly get "well" and go to school?

Chickie said...

Hope that The Grandson had a fantastic birthday!

Ah, Obama's speech. If I had a nickel for every dummy that's compared this to Hitler speaking to "the people", I'd be rich.

willis said...

Drive by from Annette's fine shop and she is right as usual, great blog.
This "President in school talk" has takin on a life of it's own down here in the Republic of East Texas. Folks here worry that Obama is going to teach kids "teh gay", that abortions are fun, and how not to be born in America. Gads....