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Tuesday, September 29, 2009


This entire issue the right wingnut fuckheads, is making over school children singing praises of the current president has become such a huge JOKE!! Hannity, Beck, Bachmann, Doosy...you name the fukktard, just love to throw out the buzz words of the moment - currently that would be "indoctrination."

Insisting that Obama is indoctrinating our youth, much like the Nazi's from decades past. OK - the brain you all have is going to waste, and most certainly being damaged beyond repair with your incessant LIES & distortions.

Those of us with some intelligence (unlike THEM), know how to separate reality from fantasy. I love the parts of this video, where the parents (those OD'ing on the kool-aid) are scared that their children are going to become.....what??? Black??? I honestly am not sure what they are afraid of, other than what Hannity and his ilk lead them to believe. And believe - they will! Not that any of their tripe can be backed up with facts - but they will argue till their dying breaths, quite possibly.

Jon Stewart lays it all quite nicely - as he so aptly does 99% of the time. Watch.

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If one actually listens to the video of these school children, it only bolsters the fact that as Americans, we have to work together. I'm not sure that I like the inclusion of Obama's middle name - when in fact the right should be having a glee-fest over that one!!

We are three sickly people in the home today. Sniffles and low grade fevers and GRUMPY!! I don't think it is the flu - just a Fall cold. Just enough to keep thedaughter home from work, thegrandson home from school - - and my "alone" time - GONE!! Such is life. I'm also afraid I'm going to have to turn the furnace on, just to take the chill off. Outside temps are in the mid 50's, and it is 65 degrees in the house. I may jack that up a wee tad!

I'm going to heat up some soup, and maybe run and hide in my bedroom. So have a great day, and I may show up here.......later................



TomCat said...

Hope you all recover soon, Mom. Thanks for the great video.

Mauigirl said...

Feel better soon. And thanks for posting Jon Stewart - am in a no-TV, limited Internet location at the cabin and haven't been able to catch the show!

Sue said...

I'm laughing at the fabulously funny Jon Stewart and also saying those fuckin Faux Noise people are sickos, causing this fuckin unbelievable uproar over a kids song!!! How can people listen to those idiots, it's mind boggleing!!!
Get well soon!! (I know what you mean about your alone time taken away LOL)

Dusty said...

John Stewart is the only human being I would do on the fifty yard line at half time.

Woody (Tokin Librul/Rogue Scholar/ Helluvafella!) said...

If it's just a cold, a toddy of some sort is likely called for.

I suggest:

In a LARGE mug, brew 2/3-3/4 full of strong, dark tea. Mix 2 tbsp LOCAL honey and 2 (plus!) oz brandy or bourbon. Drink w/1000 mg Vitamin C, every two-three hours. Wrap up, and stay warm... and ENJOY!