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Wednesday, September 02, 2009


....get to attend a single protest rally??? After watching this video, I do believe they are all in one place. It's been quite awhile since I have heard so much STUPID come out of EVERYONE'S mouth!! Throughout, these people cite Beck, Hannity and Michael Savage for opening their eyes....DUH!?!? One guy rambles on about God will save us all, if we just follow!

I doubt seriously if one single person in attendance could differentiate communism, socialism and marxism. Talking points, that is what they echo best.

Isn't it amazing how many forget how Bush trampled all over our "rights?" Cheney interpreted the Constitution to his own liking - guess that is why he doesn't understand "separation of powers" after Eric Holder decided to start an investigation of the CIA. Gee, didn't Palin have the same ideas, as to the massive powers she believed the Vice President wielded?

I shall return later.......have to shop for thegrandson's birthday presents........


Buzzardbilly said...

A) Bravo!
B) The stupid it burns pic is priceless
C) How in hell can people be allowed to stand outside Presidential town halls while openly carrying weapons now when people got arrested for wearing t-shirts that said they didn't like Bush when he was speaking??

Mnmom said...

I'm with Buzzardbilly on everything, especially C.

As if I didn't hate the GOP enough before. Now it's so clear they are exploiting the stupid and uninformed for their own gain. They KNOW they are spreading lies and throwing gasoline on baseless fears but they do it anyway because it works for them.

At long last, have they no decency? No shames?

Kulkuri said...

Just learned where a lot of the mis-information is coming from, Falwell's Liberty Council or something like that connected with Liberty College. And then pastors and others pick it up and post it on the intratubes for the sheeple. Sometimes I think some people work really hard at being stupid.

Like I just mentioned in an e-mail to a friend, "the more out-landish it is, the easier it is for those on the right to swallow the hook in deep".

Word Verification: blest

Lisa G said...

These people aren't just dumb - they fell off the crazy train. What the hell was that woman in the leopard print shirt asking about? She had about 6 different subjects in her question and by the end of it, she didn't even know what she was asking? And the God guy was just too hilarious - ok, you let God take care of your health care and let me know how that works for you. Jeez, I would have laughed if it weren't so damned scary!

G said...


Another blog wot don't/didn't/still don't like Republicans.

This should be fun.

Cali said...

I loved it when that guy was going on about socialism, Marxism and facism as if they are the same thing! Oh, and the one with the big list of what was going to ruin the country and then held up the booklet of the Constitution! That was priceless!

P.S. You may want to change comments over to owner accepted because I think this "G" person means to cause trouble in the future.

Word verification: achy, as in these idiots make my head achy.

themom said...

Buzzardbilly: I have asked the same question about the Bush protestors being arrested or detained...makes no sense.

Mnmom: Nope no decency or shame!

Kulkuri: love a word verification like that...LOL

LisaG: that woman doesn't know her ass from a hole in the ground, I think she just wanted to be "on TV!"

G: I like plenty of republicans. Those with a brain and can carry on a civil discussion. I came from a long political AND republican family...so don't even think you are going to mess with me.

Cali: you may be right. Had another troll last night. None are smart enough to leave a civil retort - they go for the mean and ignorant. No biggie!! there are ways around all that garbage.

G said...


Simply was stating a particular observation. Am I incorrect about said observation?

Saying that you like plenty of Republicans and talking positive about them are two entirely different issues.

Having said that, I reiterate, this should be an interesting blog. Reminds me of the chat rooms that I've been haunting for the past two and half years.