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Thursday, September 17, 2009


...caused massive devastation to this Ohio Valley area. Who would have thought, that a hurricane could travel up the east coast and then head to and hover over this valley??? Well, it did, leaving 6" of rain in a two hour time span.

Our high school football field...underwater!

This normally dry creek bed, was a raging river!

Flooding cut off this access route near my home.

We really had no warning that we were going to be inundated with water, and I was hit hard here at home also. My basement had almost 3 feet of water and my losses topped $20K. I was devastated.

Everything hauled into yard - to be disposed of.

Remnants of the water damage. Disgusting!

My office area was devastated...lost computer, client files, etc...

Dampness as it covered the walls!! Couch, chair - all ruined!

We do not live in a flood zone, so my homeowner's insurance wouldn't cover a single loss. I was furious. I should hope we NEVER have to go through a weather event like that in the future. thankfully, thedaughter and her friends all chipped in, plus my best friend - as seen here, as we made a fun time of cleaning up!!

We gave her a chair with wheels and she went to town!!

Five years later, it was sunny and warm - 80 degrees. Not a raindrop in sight!! Later.............


John said...

OMG, yeah who would've thought that hurricane would still be so volatile that far inland. Sorry you had to go through all that. I had a home with a basement like that once. I was told it "might" get some water. I never trusted the basement. Now my basement is huge, but it's a damp dark place. So do you still use the basement as much?

Thank God for good friends & thedaughter!

Mnmom said...

Lord what an awful mess! I don't know who you survived that one sane. Water damage is such a major hassle.