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Wednesday, September 23, 2009


He personally uses: MUAMMAR AL GATHAFI

This has always boggled my mind, when seeing this terrorist's name written - it was ALWAYS different. This of course, is attributable to the complications of the Arabic language and spellings. Therefore, I shall just refer to him as Gathafi - OK??? OK!!!

Gathafi is addressing the United Nations at this moment - almost 40 minutes so far. At this moment he is rambling on about, how he is against the U.N. for allowing a country's leader to be sentenced to death (Saddam Hussein). He is not condoning the the evils of Hussein's administration, just the policies of the U.N. This has been the general tone of his rambling, BS speech since he started.

Speaking for Libya, he immediately started this diatribe by stating "we are rejecting and we shall never cooperate with the United Nations charter." All righty then...and you are speaking in this forum...why??? He could have sent a note or an emissary to make that clear.

Considering this man became the "leader" of Libya through a coup d'etat, and has carried several titles, currently Colonel - to espouse that you wish for world peace at this time, considering all the violence within Libya, and terrorist acts around the world on Gathafi's orders - DUH?! At one point during this babble, the cameras panned over to the Chinese delegation and many were chuckling. I honestly don't think many are giving a lot of credence to this whack job.

Since Scotland released al-Magrahi last month - we know that the U.S. is not looking fondly on this man either. I'm not sure if we will ever know the true facts regarding that terrorist bomber's release, but I know the pain of the victims families (Pan Am Flight 103) will never go away.

I was not happy when Bush lifted all sanctions on Libya in 2003 - granting Libya's government immunity from terror-related lawsuits, and DISMISSED any and all compensation cases in the U.S.

Now, he is saying we must leave Somalia alone...and respect their "economic zone"...WTF?? He also says they "are not" pirates. Again, it must be a matter of interpreting Arabic! This is just too much to listen to. He wants the Kennedy assassination opened up again - and is going on about events from 40 years ago. Methinks he must be on DRUGS. He has worn out one interpreter and is on a second. GAG - enough of his shit.

Let's pick on The Donald. Apparently, Gathafi has set up his Bedouin tent on Donald Trump's property in Bedford, NY. No, The Donald, says he is unaware of this tent which has been erected as belonging to Gathafi. Well duh!! Pick up the phone Donald - one phone call ought to clarify the situation. Gathafi was denied permission to erect his tent at the Libyan Mission and Central Park, so has headed to Bedford to entertain in his "tent." One source says, no one will be staying through the night in this tent - but I find that highly unlikely.

The residents of that area have gotten legal representation and are presumably going to follow through with having these people "evicted" from the premises. If I lived there, I would be quite vocal and active in their mission. I should hope that a small building falls on Trump, as I honestly believe he is fully aware of who is setting up camp on his property. I say "boycott" his next show and put his ratings in the cellar!

Sorry, if this turned into a babble session, but it all happened so fast and was infuriating me considerably.


Shiny Rod said...

Try "no more bad coffee".

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

Where is a gun carrying park dwelling lowlife when we need one. THIS kind of policy always bothers me. We KNOW what a bastard he is. Why not just grease him when he is here or just getting on his plane home? Who cares is Lybia is mad at us. Time to just even out the field one way or another and send the message that if you are an asshole then you gots to go.


I just refer to him as ASSHOLE