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Wednesday, September 16, 2009


THIS IS POST #900 - WOOHOO!!! Not bad for a non-writer, I guess.

The issue of RACISM has been brought up these past many months, and most recently, former Pres. Jimmy Carter has weighed in on the issue. Joe Wilson's outburst on the House floor last week has fueled this debate also. Was it based on racism? Is racism behind the Teabagger movement and most of the vile actions taking place right now?

I say unequivocally - YES!! For all the steps forward we have taken in the past 40 plus years - we have gained very little ground, to get away from the racial undertones.

This video, where Rush Limpdick, makes a skirmish on a school bus - a RACIAL issue, is anything but that. I've watched this video several times, and this was actually "kids being kids", even though it involved both white and black students. I heard no racial slurs whatsoever. It was a dispute over a fricking seat for heaven's sake! But of course, the right wing spokesperson had to make something other than the truth, of this video.

Does this poster of Obama as a "witch doctor", which was in abundance at last week's march in D.C., not scream out RACISM? I found this to be quite unsettling when I first saw it waving around. I'm sure those who developed this picture and placed it on the poster enjoyed their laugh sessions immensely. Of course the hammer and scythe was such a nice touch in the word "care."

I just want to scream in this idiot's face..."the Dixie Chicks were RIGHT, so get over it!" Again, he references Kenya, and of course sending Obama back to his "homeland." I suggest that if anyone is other than a native American...pack your bags and head back to your ancestral country as well!

So many have been interviewed lately, and asked whether they feel that we are in another racially turbulent time...and the general consensus has been NO! this irritates me to no end. Are we going to wait until the right wingnuts have incensed a white supremacist or just a bigoted asshole...to take a potshot at our POTUS? The fire is being constantly fueled by hate and bigotry.

Obama's administration is backing off also, saying they don't feel that all this is racially based, but I have to believe that is just a move to keep this topic out of the headlines. It's NOT working. This administration has also put some distance between themselves and Jimmy Carter's comments - which I can only assert, is a political move. Pres. Carter, having grown up in the deep South is more than familiar with the signs...and the potential outcome. Enough said!

As long as Beck, Hannity, Limpdick, Wilson, Bachman and Orly Taitz are given a soapbox...this issue will not just go away. These are the people who are inciting the venom to be spewed.

It is a shame that these ignorant people, cannot accept the fact that our President is smarter, more civil and compassionate, than they can ever aspire to be. What a shame and a sad commentary on our lives in the 21st century. Obama has a herculean task of rectifying all the mistakes and oversights from the last eight years...to try and give us all affordable health care, keep us safe, and quell the greedy giants of Wall Street. I dare any of those who sit in judgement to take on the task.

And by the way, these idiots do us proud as they make the U.S.A. look like goofs to the rest of the world. I'm sure that is not high on their list of priorities.


I despise racism. I despise the fact, that in the year 2009 I still have to vocalize my disagreement on this subject. If we don't stand up against such bigotry now, I fear the end results. The hypocrisy of these "Christians" is unbelievable. They hide behind a book which ascribes "love", but do the opposite. But then again - the party of the right is a bunch of hooligans and hypocrites - I'm not sure that will ever change.

Much to accomplish today - even with this damn headache, so I shall return....later... (I've popped off enough for this day!)


crystal dawn said...

You have to wonder where such vitriol and deep seeded hate comes from, don't you?

Are these teabaggers upset because of deficit spending? Well Reagan tripled the deficit and Bush II nearly doubled it after a surplus. Plus, Obama's stimulus package and reforms dwarf in size of spending compared to tax cuts and the military industrial complex.

Are they sooo mad about government ran health care? I didn't see anyone protesting Medicare and SS before.

Are they filled with anger over bailing out the banks. Bush and Paulson did and no protests. hrmm..

Are they fearful of their constitutional freedoms being taken away. Bet not one teabagger thought twice about Bush's torturing, habeas corpus being suspended, wiretapping Americans, the Patriot Act... etc etc.

So there you go. They have no logical argument and therefore everything flies right into their hypocritical faces. Which can only mean one thing.

Buzzardbilly said...

People got arrested here in Charleston (WV) for wearing freaking t-shirts that weren't flattering to Bush when he was speaking. Arrested. And the right seemed to think that was fine and damned dandy.

Excellent post.

BTW, I cannot help but think of the Civil War and how WV became a state whenever I think of Joe Wilson because he is an officially elected representative of South Carolina. A contingent from South Carolina blew through North Carolina (bringing them to the confederacy) on their way to Virginia's vote on whether to secede or not. The rep from this part of Virginia gave a speech about why Virginia should not secede. He had to sneak out of town out the back way of his hotel and onto a train when he saw the South Carolinians setting the noose for him outside his hotel room. His name was John Carlisle if memory serves. When he got to what is now West Virginia, he embarked on a tour of the area fomenting his own form of rebellion that got West Virginia to break from the South and remain with the Union, thus becoming its own state. Unfortunately, when the war was over, he felt we should reuinite with Virginia. West Virginians ran his ass out of the state. Damn shame too.

Sue said...

very well said! I believe racism is real and has gotten pushed to the forefront. Racists are coming out of their closets feeling imboldened by their leaders, limpballs and crew. Its incredible, embarrassing for sure that we have a president who is intelligent, caring, eager to change the old tired status quo and he keeps getting kicked in the face by rightwingnutfucks!!

Susan said...

The "voices" of the radical right have given permission for all this nastiness to crawl out from under the rocks. It is easy to dismiss them as crazies - except for the real danger to President Obama. It is always the crazies who manage to kill our great men.

Shiny Rod said...

I think the fact that over the years, people looked the other way as racism ran ramped through the states. Now that things are changing (peoples views) they are finding themselves a very small minority and they are losing their voice. What we are seeing is the last act of defiance from a group of people who are circling the toilet as they get flushed down the system because of their extremist views. It's only a matter of time before their voices are but a whimper in the wind.

jadedj said...

This is a spot on post mom. I don't think racism ever went away and I think Sue and Susan both nailed it above...the slime has crawled out and following the pied pipers of hate.

Warped Mind of Ron said...

I'm sure there are some that truly just disagree with the policies of Obama. There are also probably a percentage that truly believes they aren't racist and use disagreement with the policies to justify their actions and finally a percentage that truly realizes they are racist and are doing whatever it takes to instigate trouble. I believe we have made huge steps fighting racism since the 60's and the fact that we have a President that is not white proves that, but there is a lot more work to be done before racism is a forgotten word. I'm glad Obama is smart enough to not be angered into using the race card because that is what the right is trying to do. They figure if they can get him using race early on everyone will assume he is simply "looking after his own". I think he's going to lay low and let the right dig a hole so deep they can't deny anything about racism when it blows up in their face.

Mnmom said...

I think these far-right crazies would be screaming and yelling no matter WHO had beaten their guy in the 08 election. Don't forget how much they hate Bill and Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, Nancy Pelosi, etc. But the fact that it was a black man makes them even MORE mad.

What's got me angry is the very loud, obnoxious, uneducated group of dunderheads to steering the debate!

There was an excellent op-ed piece in our paper today. A conservative wrote that these knuckle-draggers were hurting the conservative cause. Even THEY'RE sick of them!