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Tuesday, September 01, 2009


This is the preacher who has been in the news for the past couple of weeks, and he is demented and one sick individual. What's even scarier is those who follow this sicko. Remember the man with the AR-15 at Obama's townhall meeting week before last? Yep, he is a follower.

I imagine the only people fit for society are the WASP types, and that poor African-American who threw a gun over his shoulder near to where our president was speaking, hasn't caught on to his racism. This Steven Anderson would be in puppy heaven with (if he were alive) Jesse Helms as his leader.

This is a man who chooses to test his limits in most situations. He was stopped by the Border Patrol (somewhere near Phoenix) and the Phoenix police were called, beacuse he refused to allow a search of his car, after a K-9 unit "hit" on something. The end result was having his car windows broken and being tazered - from both sides - by the cops. Of course there are videos of his whining and playing the victim, but even the video he made while all this arguing with the cops was taking place - shows he is a complete moron. He wants to utilize the 4th and 5th amendments - as his defense. My opinion, he made himself the victim by acting like a know it all asshole!

After listening to this entire speech (or sermon), my opinion has not changed. He is homophobic and a racist. To hear the followers of this "church" applaud the vomit he spews is quite disturbing. This is the inciteful and threatening speech that weak minded people listen to AND follow. It will be someone from a church (and I use that term loosely) like his, or a white supremicist group that makes an attempt on our POTUS.

The Secret Service is investigating this man, although they cannot release any more information, other than "it is ongoing." That is fine with me, as long as they are aware of asswipes like this. It was recently stated that threats on the POTUS have risen 400% since Obama took office, but that figure was discounted by a Secret Service official today. He also stated that threats have increased but not quite to the 400% statistic.

I have very little tolerance for these type of preachers, much less the brain dead followers. They choose to interpret their book of fables - in such a twisted self serving manner, and then hide behind "their rights".

Hopefully, this guy will be shut up or charged for threatening the POTUS, one way or the other, I choose not to hear from people like him in the future.

I need to hit a wall now, to get my frustrations out. I'm proud of myself though, I ran to Lowe's and got a shelf and brackets - and now my microwave has it's own perch. Thegrandson came home and saw my accomplishment and his first question....WHY? My answer....BECAUSE!!



Dusty said...

Sick, disgusting piece of mierda (spanish for shit). And how many people buy into his tirade?

Answer: Too many.

I hope the Secret Service does something about him and his ilk.

Woody (Tokin Librul/Rogue Scholar/ Helluvafella!) said...

I don't pray...

But I profoundly hope lightning strikes Pastor Anderson's church next sunday, when all the parishioners are inside, and that there's an undiscovered gas leak and that the whole filth place gets razed to the ground.

You will note, I have NOT wished for the death of any congregants.

I only hope for the explosion. After that, what happens is between them and their "God."

Dusty said...

Woody, I get what you are saying.

But it pisses me the fuck off that people will buy into this kinda of wingnuttery simply because they trust this fuckwit.

Some of them are victims as well. Not in the traditional sense of course.

Most folks that hate Obama have deep-seated hatred of people of color to begin with..otherwise they wouldn't be believing it in the first place..they WANT to believe it.

My mind is fried today..too much negativity. I hope I made sense in this comment.

Hugs to TheMom..I heart you woman! ;)

PENolan said...

He should be locked up - but then so should Rush, Sarah, Whatshisname on Faux News. It's only a matter of time before people start getting hurt.

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

I refuse to listen to him.

SE said...

Yeah, it's okay for the Border Patrol to beat someone up, as long as they're someone whose views we find repugnant.

Yeah, let's all just let the cops do whatever they want, including stopping us on the highway without cause and searching our cars whenever they wish to. What kind of a liberal are you? Oh, that's right, you're not a liberal, you're a "liberal".

Why don't you take the Tom Joad Test? you left-wing authoritarian hypocrite.

themom said...

SE, I hope you feel better now. I'm not ashamed of my stance on issues. As for the asswipe "preacher" he was stopped by these border patrol agents, and they have given a valid reason for searching his vehicle..and this blowhard wants to argue the constitution. He exascerbated the situation and literally was begging to be tazed by being obstinate. Apparently, you are of the same mind and would show the same repugnance for the law if caught in a similar situation. So be it...as long as you feel better.

I could have deleted your comment...but I much prefer others to read your babble!

Shiny Rod said...

Once again pompous piety rears it's ugly head and I reiterate, no where in the bible does God say hate.

SE - Did you forget that it was not to long ago that a Border Patrol Officer was shot and killed? I guess not. Choose to rant when you have ALL the facts. Thanks Mom, Luv ya.

Debbie said...

I have to admit that this story makes my blood boil so much that I couldn't even read to the bottom of the post!

jadedj said...

Hey you "liberal" you (what the deuce does THAT mean?) I was just over at WTF is it now and this is the comment I left there regarding this same video.

A spiritual war? WTF does that mean. Who says? God? This guy belongs in the loony bin.

OK, he had his 15 minutes. So what. I guarantee the Secret Service has him in their cross hairs.

One other thing that strikes me. Wasn't Jesus about turning the other cheek, and peace, and love and such? How does that work with wishing death on someone.

Sorry for posting the same comment...being the lazy dog that I am.

slyght said...

WOW! just WOW! he just goes and goes and goes, i think he might be schizophrenic. it's scary that the church will let people like this spread their own personal hatred under the guise of religion.