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Sunday, November 30, 2008

I know, you all thought SHE was gone.....

but apparently we just cannot get her to stay in Mooseland. For whatever reason the Conservative Republican must think that Gov. Palin can rescue the day for Saxby Chambliss, in his run-off election against Jim Martin.

You need to read this article from one of the Alaska papers...even they are wondering what's up with this dame! I am not a fan of Saxby Chambliss, and find it reprehensible as to the false claims he has made against his opponent. Such as Martin being "soft on crime" - which is ridiculous - this man saw his own daughter kidnapped (luckily returned safely), and being soft on crime is not within his makeup.

Chambliss ran an even more vile campaign against Max Clelland in 2002 - claiming he was "soft on terrorism." A man who suffered the loss of 3 limbs (albeit by his own grenade), and fought for his country - did not deserve such diatribes against him. But....Chambliss seems to appeal to the majority in Georgia (but not DCup and other Georgians I know.) Although McCain carried Georgia - I understand there has been some avid campaigning by the Democrats for Martin.

If the brain-dead, lipstick appealing crowd believe the words of Sarah Palin - you deserve what you get. In reading the article mentioned above, the writer states "I wonder if she knows the true measure of the man she is eagerly helping." Well, duh!?!?! Need I remind the writer of the reprehensible campaign she ran against Obama, the lies and distortions? Enough said!

If I were in Georgia - I would cast a vote against this asshole idiot! Actually anyone Palin would campaign for would probably be on the same level.

OK - I've vented - back to football.



Nan said...

The ads Shameless has been running have accused Martin of doing everything from supporting child prostitution to being "one of them," a phrase that's apparently supposed to terrify us voters into fearing Martin because he's pro labor union. I've no doubt that Palin could draw a good crowd of fervent bigots to any event she spoke at in Atlanta. This state has more than its fair share of fundie foamers.

Anonymous said...

What Nan said. I'll be happily casting a vote for Martin and against Chambliss on Tuesday.

Kulkuri said...

The Repugs must be worried because the attack ads are getting worse. We have gotten several phone calls asking us to vote for Jim Martin including one from Michelle Obama but not one from the Repukes, Thankfully!! Maybe they know we are on the Move-On list and don't bother.
We did advance voting last week and now I look forward to no more ads after today!!!!!!!