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Sunday, November 02, 2008

I'm bored - so a little humor time....

After watching Bill Maher Friday night - one statement he made was eye-opening:
"Barack Obama has attended Trinity United Church of Christ for over 20 years and he is called a Muslim - John McCain does not attend any church, and he is called a Christian." Just the analysis of that statement shows the hypocrisy of the voting public (the right) as to the lies they have perpetuated these past many months. I do not like religion being injected into politics whatsoever, and a prime example is Elizabeth Dole and her snotty, evil "Godless" ad. Just that quickie thought - on to fun stuff.

Now, tell me this...do you think the RNC is sweating over this bad $150,000 shopping spree for their girl wonder?

Maybe now Pit Bulls can get their loveable reputations back....maybe I will rethink that one.

Yes, with almost 48 hours till the last poll closes on them - like a huge castle door....CLANG....I would say they are desperate!

This would be Johnny McShame traipsing through Ohio - struggling to find some...make that ANY electoral votes he can find!!

I do feel sooooo very sorry for the defenseless animals that will be targets for this woodsy, folksy woman!!

I can actually see this happening. I've been waiting for his temper to show...maybe Tuesday night...............I can't wait!

NO MORE TURKEYS!!!! Finally, America will be making the smartest choice in EIGHT YEARS!!!!



Nan said...

Pit bulls are actually great dogs -- the dog on "Our Gang" (Spanky, Alfalfa, et al) was a pit bull. It's the idiot sadistic owners like Michael Vick who screw them up.

themom said...

I agree nan...locally, they are bred for a sole purpose - drug dealing - and I find that so sad. The dogs are abused to get to the vicious stage which they are associated.

Kulkuri said...

I like the Godzilla one and the one about moose and squirrel.

Pit Bulls are what their owners train them to be. My neighbor UP on the tundra has one and nobody has ever had any problems with it. He'll bark and go check out someone when they arrive and then go lie down somewhere. I've seen the dog sit still while his owner pulled porcupine quills out of his head.