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Sunday, November 23, 2008

I'm in Puppy Heaven!!!

I'm not sure if I have said it before, but it doesn't take a whole helluva lot to make me happy....but tonight - break out the wine and settle back...JACK BAUER IS BACK!!

I am literally a "24" junkie. And that is a "very much thanks" to my Boston family. It was the season opener for Season 2 I believe, because it was on 2 nights in a row, and I immediately became addicted. I have not missed an episode since, and actually had withdrawal symptoms when it was decided to put off airing last year (due to writer's strike). Argh...my Monday nights were definitely NOT fun.

And now we have the two hour premier, and so far - I am hooked all over again. I have never been able to wrap myself around half hour sitcoms - seems like a waste of my time for an 18 minute plot! Give me drama, suspense and "24"!!!! Anyone who knows me, also realizes; 1) you don't telephone me while "24" is on TV, 2) don't even think of opening a discussion during this time either.

So, I'm kicking back and getting into the show. Later............

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