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Friday, November 07, 2008

Out of s ight...out of mind....!?!?

As I was trolling the blogs last night, when I reached MUDFLATS, to check on the state of Alaska and her people - I was rather surprised. Surprised that voting election irregularities was the topic. Alaska is not a priority in obtaining electoral votes and considering the state went red I assumed it was because of the Palin Factor (and they were overwhelmingly Bushites in the past). I didn't give it much thought and finally went to bed.

This morning I get to HuffPost and find another reference to these potential irregularities in this article. Go to both links and read for yourself. If you begin to crunch all these numbers in your head it can get tedious. But I went to some other sites and the general feeling is: "there's something wrong in Mudville today."

I couldn't even begin to know the who's, whys and underlying reasons for this, but considering all the fallen legislator and oil company barons - who are now serving prison terms - I'd say Alaskan voting records and processes need to be scrutinized on a federal level, and a general house cleaning may need to take place also.

I'd like to blame all this on the McCain camp taking over the Governors office in her absence, but it may very well go deeper than that office.

Just something to ponder.

***Theson is traveling today, to a new jobsite in Egypt. He had to leave his lovely apartment and is going back to "hotel living." He has shipped his big screen TV, bicycle and other things home - should be interesting to see what shape they are in upon arrival here!?!!? He will be living in Alexandria and driving (he has a driver) one and half hours each way to the new jobsite. I wish him well - although I won't be able to Skype him as often (hotel charges by the minute for WiFi - Argh!

1 comment:

Kulkuri said...

Over in that part of the world, you need a driver. They have a policy called blood money. If you hit someone and hurt or kill them you have to pay their family money to replace the income of the person hit.

As for Alaska, most of the people up there went there because they couldn't get along with people where they were at. I guess they can't get along with people in Alaska either!! The Repugs usually win elections by lying, cheating and stealing!!