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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Here's your INVITATION for Thanksgiving Dinner....

I have just about everything prepared except for the turkey bird, which is doing the backstroke in the bathtub at the moment. I'm sure I can feed at least 10-12 people, so hurry and pack your bags and get here.

I LOVE to prepare a Thanksgiving meal, and the downside here is: I have NO family coming here to enjoy the feast. Thedaughter is working 3-11 tomorrow and will try to grab a plate before leaving...so thegrandson and I will be here by ourselves, to overindulge, and watch football. I wish you could all drop by, but know you have other plans by now. So as my hips keep expanding - it will be YOUR fault.

I could expound here on all the early Turkey roasting experiences...such as being able to read the bird when it was cooked...accidently cooking it upside down (the best by the way)...and on and on. But that was all fun now, as I look back.

Actually, we love the leftovers, and I can't remember a Thanksgiving that I haven't prepared a wonderful feast. A couple of years ago, theson was in India for the holiday and tried to explain to the chef there, how to prepare stuffing, the end result was something like "stuffing soup", but he enjoyed it anyway. **I'm glad he is no longer in India, with all that is going on in Mumbai at the moment.
These are pics of that Thanksgiving feast he enjoyed in Rahjamundry, India. Stuffing soup on the left beside the "turkey" and the plated finale.

Theson will be coming home for Christmas, so that makes me happy...even though he will probably be spending more time with his "buds" in Columbus. That's OK, at least he will be much closer to home.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving, and if travelling, be safe!



slyght said...

sorry i'm not going to be there, i'll be around a bit around the holidays, no worries. love you.

kenju said...

I am sorry you will have few to share your good meal with. I love turkey and all the trimmings, and since we are going to my daughter's home, there will be no leftovers for me to have sandwiches tomorrow.:-/
I meant to buy a turkey breast and cook it for that purpose, but I didn't. Happy Thanksgiving!

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

What time do we eat?

Warped Mind of Ron said...

Well you can always ship some of that food to hungry bloggers... just saying... Glad your son will be home for Christmas!