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Friday, November 28, 2008

I have never marched to the same drum as others. That's a fact. I raised my kids to be who they are and do as they feel - as long as no one would get hurt. So to say they are individualists, would be an appropriate statement.

As for BLACK FRIDAY shopping - NEVER...NEVER...NEVER!! I can't imagine a bargain great enough for me to physically suffer in the cold and possibly snowy weather for hours on end, waiting for doors to open at a store. Would I go to a Pittsburgh Steeler game when it is 10* and your tits could fall off any minute from the wind? Of course I would, and I did several times. But then again, as I get older - even thinking about being in the cold weather sends chills down my spine. that is because of my nasty arthritis I'm sure.

Now I am reading about a WalMart employee who was trampled to death this morning in Long Island, New York. Tell me what makes any sense of a situation like this. I worked retail many years, and have dealt with the rude, and ignorant and definitely insane. Me, as a consumer, thrust into a fray such as this would definitely show my insane side. So, I am saving the shopping community by staying at home - and avoiding all that chaos. I guess you could say I am contributing to sanity in the world!! Whoopee for me!

As far as sales go, logically, the economy has tanked...large retailers are filing bankruptcy, and some are just closing their doors, therefore, I believe incredible sales will be available up until the very last minute for Christmas shopping. So there, that is my theory. When theson gets home from Egypt, maybe we will take our annual trip to South Hills in Pittsburgh, for a day of shopping. A lot of this depends on my back, shoulder and neck pain. Fuck this getting old...it's for the birds.

I have accomplished some tasks before the actual Holiday decorating begins. Rearranging some furniture, cleaning baseboards, even tackling some of those killer dust bunnies that hide in the most obscure places...grrrrr. Thedaughter finds more reasons to do everything - LATER. I am the type of person that when I want something done, I want it done NOW! Thus, I end up doing it myself and managing to hurt some part of my body - that would be the IRISH in me.


Taj Mahal Palace Hotel & The Oberoi Hotel

The terrorists acts in Mumbai, India are appalling. I have watched this unfold on CNN over the past 3 days now - and cannot fathom, how there is still one gunman holed up in the Taj Mahal Hotel. I don't believe anyone has stated whether this hostile has hostages or not, but honestly, some commando forces should be able to figure out how to end this person's siege.

There have been over 160 deaths and a multitude of injuries - and so far, there are allusions to Pakistan as being responsible, but there are denials coming from the ministry in Pakistan.

As far as who is to blame for this tragedy, the "powers that be" do not believe that this new group is actually the perpetrators - they believe it is a much larger group - intimating to me they might think it is an Al Queda sponsored group. We will have to wait to see what comes of all of this. Too many have died so far - and for what purpose? Hate - plain and simple.

Someday, I would like to see Mumbai - I find the ancient history appealing. I was definitely impressed with Cairo, Egypt...I can imagine how fascinated I would be in Mumbai.

OK - back to cleaning and/or decorating. Have a great day! Later.............


Evil Twin's Wife said...

I heard about that WalMart thing. Crazy! And sad.

Warped Mind of Ron said...

I would rather pay full price than deal with that much crazy.

slyght said...
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slyght said...

i like watching people shop at malls during christmas. for some reason, i woke up on black friday singing christmas songs, i'm just a christmas-ey guy, i guess. we'll definitely make a trip to south hills, probably 22nd or 23rd? i might try to go up to cols as soon as a i get back to do some shopping there before xmas.

the indian thing is awful, i admit, but last night, i was upset over a stupid thing... a CNN typo. the headline was "lone gunmen still in hotel"... you can't be "lone" and "gunMEN"!!! come on!

also, they can't just go in balls to the wall. they need to try to get him/them (lone gunMEN?!) alive to get jack bauer to "interrogate" some answers out of him/them.

Nan said...

I've read one or two reports that said with the hotel attacks that the terrorists were definitely targeting Brits and Americans. It looks like yet another example of blowback as misguided foreign policy and a history of imperialism come back to haunt us.

Saw that report about the Walmart worker getting trampled to death yesterday. The frenzied bargain shopping on 'black Friday' has always baffled me. Getting in line at midnight to make a mad dash to buy a tv? Totally irrational behavior.

rennratt said...

I don't know that I have ever participated in "Black Friday" shopping. But then, I hate shopping altogether.

Also? I read that the 'employee' killed at W*lM*rt was a TEMP. That means - no insurance, no benefits for the family.

Kulkuri said...

"Would I go to a Pittsburgh Steeler game when it is 10* and your tits could fall off any minute from the wind? Of course I would, and I did several times."

Ah, isn't that what padded bras are for??? As in "It was so cold all the witches were wearing padded bras!"