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Thursday, November 06, 2008


Apparently, there was a mass infusion of millions of dollars, from the Mormon church and other religious outlets - to put forth a massive ad campaign to take away the "rights of the gay" community in California. Their money evidently was well spent, but to what end? To say because of their "religious" beliefs, they are the appointed judges of what constitutes "marriage!"

I don't think there is a doubt in any one's mind of my liberality...but this has to end. A select group of self-righteous right-wingnuts - determining what constitutes "marriage." There are those who will use the Bible as total gospel on defining "marriage." Now, I have a very hard time with that. I am an agnostic and I have a hard time rationalizing anything that relates to a BOOK.

Without getting into all that "stuff", I feel that it is not my place to judge anyone - nor is there an inherent right of others to judge me. We should all be on equal footing here.

For the most part, none of us knows what goes on behind closed doors - and that's the way it should stay. (Unless you know someone is being physically abused or illicit drug deals being made.) I didn't care that Clinton got a BJ from Monica - that was his problem to work out with his wife. I know of many who have cheated on their spouses - again, their problem, not mine.

The general consensus of some of these anti gay groups is the influence that these relationships have on children. Well, excuse me, I wonder what the demographics are for dysfunctional marriages, involving children? Theories abound as to what can happen to children in gay relationships - none have been proven out that I am aware of. I do know "families" such as this - and the children are as "normal" as anyone else.

California seems to have more "Props" on their ballots than any other state. Seems to me no decisions can ever be made there other than by referendum. At this point in time - because this Prop 8 passed, the only recourse would be to take this to the Supreme Court. Considering the law was already tested in the California Supreme Court, allowing legal gay marriages - there should be an en masse convoy straight to the United States Supreme Court. Last I heard these people have specific civil rights - and they cannot be discriminated against.

Love is a wonderful emotion - I don't feel that it is up to anyone to condemn any relationship - be it gay or straight. Again - my job is not to judge.

I don't feel threatened by anyone gay, I actually think the love they carry is sometimes stronger than with a hetero couple. Now I have nothing to base that on - other than an observation of some long, loving relationships - of friends of mine.

My one wish is - ALL religious fanatics that are so bent out of shape about this issue - go home and take stock in what is truly important to you and your family - under your roof. The funny part is, a good many of these homophobes deal with gay people on a regular basis and will never know. We are all humans with different appetites, proclivities, occupations, color - you name it, treat each other equally and practice that "love" you espouse so loudly.


Mnmom said...

You said it Mom!! The things some churchie folks choose to get their knickers in a twist over just amazes me. They need to go put all that time, energy, and money to use somewhere like feeding hungry kids. Imagine what $8 million could do??

Anonymous said...

Gosh yes!!! Why can't they focus on things the help others? Why must they be so concerned with private matters between adults who are not them?

Liberality said...

mnmom has a great point. eight million dollars would have taken care of a lot of poor people--as Jesus commanded them to do in their book. funny, how they only follow what they want to in that book.

Nan said...

If churches are actively interfering with politics, shouldn't they lose their tax exempt status?

I've never understood why some Bible-thumpers get so upset by the idea of gay marriage -- are their own marriages or faith in God so weak that the behavior of total strangers threatens either?

Mommy said...

Did you hear that Melissa Ethridge wrote a blog saying that if California does not think she has the same rights as any other citizen, she is not going to pay her half-mil in taxes. She said if she is not a full citizen then she must not owe - and she said that Ellen and her gabillions in taxes should not be owed to Cali either.

Amen sister, amen. (me and my god love the idea of gay marriage.)

Kulkuri said...

Since this first came up for discussion a number of years back, it hasn't bothered me at all. It's not like I would be forced to marry a gay. It's that olde Puritan Ethic, "Someone Somewhere is Having Fun and By God We have to Put a Stop To It!! Damn, I wish the immigration laws had been stricter back then!! It would have solved so many of our problems!!

Jane Ann said...

Oh you don't even know the rediculous things they did!!! I was apalled at the people who stood their children on street corners holding signs to VOTE YES ON PROP 8!!! GRRR... these children are not even old enough to understand what they are doing and those idiot parents of theirs have them on a corner like little prostitutes for a cause they could care less about.... and 6 years old a child does not even know what gay or straight means.... But my 7 year old says mommy... shouldn't be allowed to love who you want.... "why yes you should" and it is not for the government to deny you rights just because you fell in love with someone of the same gender!

I am ashamed to say I live in California.... GRRR!