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Monday, November 10, 2008

Now I feel really old, old, old....

My oldest grandson turns 18 years old - today!! This picture was taken last year on his 17th, but trust me - he hasn't shrunk any (but I may have). He towers over me, is one helluva athlete, he just had a super football season as quarterback, and I always thought he could be drafted by the pros in baseball. There is a family party tonight for him, but I can't make it. **A stomach flu is going around and guess who fell victim? ME!!! I thought the fragile, tiny grandson would get it first, as 150 kids and 13 teachers were out sick with this plague last week. Anyway, the bathroom has been my new best friend today!!

I have mentioned that we use Skype to communicate with theson in Egypt. He sets one of his laptops up, and whenever I call in, I get a visual of his surroundings. Now, sometimes he is not there, and I will leave the camera on and just SPY!! As if there is anything to see in an empty hotel room. I called through a couple of times yesterday and he wasn't there, and on the third try, I just left the camera on and sound up - so I could hear when he got in.
It was around 11 pm Egypt time (4 pm EST), and I heard his door shut and started watching him, without announcing that I was online. It was funny, I guess he had a little to drink (hmmm), and he was trying to put something into a mini-fridge and the door wouldn't shut, but he kept shoving. Whatever was blocking the door - he just lifted and shut the fridge door quickly with a giggle. After that bit of excitement, he turns and heads back toward the laptop (on a desk I presume), but goes out of visual. And now that he is out of view - he says "I see you!" Now, I start guffawing loudly - and he appears for a nice chat. Of course thegrandson bellows "NINA WAS SPYING ON YOU!" Nothing is a secret around the little guy.

I am glad he is out of the apartment he had in Cairo (with all the memories) and can get a refreshing new outlook, in this new city of Nubaria. I still have to look that one up, I know it is one and a half hours from Alexandria, and that's all.

We have gone from 70 degree temps last week to 35 degrees now - and I am not liking this. My arthritis kicks in, and I am always chilled, therefore the gas company gets richer.

So on that note - son, if you run out of condoms...remember...this could happen to you!!



Mommy said...

You SO are not old.

Love the cartoon.

Nan said...

Love the cartoon. I needed a good laught today.

Chickie said...

You better be careful with the "spying". He might do something obnoxious one day to freak you out.

Anonymous said...

What a handsome grandson! You crack me up, spying on your son. I'd be afraid of what I might see with my kids....

rennratt said...

I highly recommend the Sunbeam bed cover with heat controls. It doesn't cost a lot to operate, has 2 controls (one for each side of the bed for Queen/King) and is SAFE.

It works wonders on MY arthritis, year round.