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Friday, November 07, 2008

FREE RIDE...I don't think it is expected!!!!

Watching this clip actually made my stomach turn - along with the violent thoughts I had - something involving explosives and Faux News!

Face it, these guys are jerks - and have enjoyed their free rides as "white folk", and generally haven't a clue. I've seen it and I know how this election has , if nothing else, inspired the black population. I say "good for you." These arrogant assholes would not last long around me - I would have to open that can of Whoop Ass! Just a thought here - I believe these people are living in fear now...fear of the unexpected, fear of the uncharted territory we are now in, fear of what...an uprising.

Obama gave his first speech as President Elect (discounting his acceptance speech), and face it, the man is a realist. Now, the right wingnut conservatives are going to be jumping on every step he makes, right off the bat - oh that would be Faux again. Considering the massive mess W has left for Obama - I honestly believe he will make some drastic changes at the onset, but still maintain the promises he made. I'm a realist, and I know that nothing can happen overnight - especially with the nightmare that exists. As my father always told me "Time and patience will accomplish all things!"


rennratt said...

I didn't see the speech, but I have heard spots on NPR and radio. He sounded, I dunno. Practical, maybe?

I just want to shake everyone and yell "This AIN'T DISNEYLAND! This is no sitcom, either. Real life, whether we like it or not, isn't going to fix inside of 22 minutes."

I think we should actually let him be the ACTUAL PRESIDENT before we expect change of ANY kind, no matter how small.

I didn't vote for him (I'm a third party girl, personally), but I don't have a problem with him. I'd like to give him a little time before I JUDGE HIS ABILITIES.

DivaJood said...

I listened to his entire press conference. He sounded Presidential. He once again made his plans known vis a vis an economic stimulus plan and reiterated that we only have one President at a time so he really cannot do anything until Jan. 20th.

As for his processes, he is calm as he weighs options. I really don't care any longer what the radical right wing spews; Obama won in a solid way with red states turning blue - and will get things done.