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Sunday, November 02, 2008

Did you all catch this??? The woman is a witch....

This woman looks like a "prude", reminiscent of my mother in a way. If she were alive, she would have done something this despicable. (She was a staunch repuke!) The best part is that this Detroit news station gave out her name and she lives in Grosse Pointe Farms...now how hard will it be to find her address?!?!?

Kudos to the guy across the street, for getting out those Christmas lights and making some pretty quick impromtu signs...and the children could not have been happier.

Just a point to ponder - I wonder how many of those "McCain supporter" kids will get cut by the staples used to attach the M&M's to the flyer??? One comment I read stated...this is this woman's way of "redistributing the M&M's!" Good for a laugh or two. No matter what...the woman is an asshole!


Warped Mind of Ron said...

What a B**** Who would penalize a four year old over politics? Nice of them to set an example for the children.

Mnmom said...

Saw this on Dr. Monkey. Now that's a REAL WITCH!!! How shameful, really how utterly shameful.

Won't the McCain supporters be pissed when Obama has a some success as President, and actually sets this country straight on it's axis again?

Dave said...

Witch and bitch are far to nice words to use for this lady.
If I had the energy I would send the daily pooper scoops fed ex to her house. But Speeder said his poop is far to good for this Neanderthal.

Anonymous said...

When we went out trick or treating, Resident Evil didn't want to go to the few houses that had McCain signs in their yards. No wonder!

Chickie said...

Wow. What a straight up C U Next Tuesday. Just wow.