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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Can you spell S*T*U*P*I*D????????? Whew...

P. T. Barnum once said "there is a sucker born every minute," and I have to wonder what his statisitics were for the STUPID!!

We are not talking rocket science, when it comes to very large animals, with very large teeth and claws, kept in very secure cages, and the security provided for the people to view these creatures. So here, we have a 20 year old China man, who says that the Panda bear looked so cuddly, he just wanted a hug!?!?! It appears the STUPID young man will survive his injuries, but I have to wonder what his next ridiculous act will be. Surely, this has not taught him any kind of a lesson with his absurd attitude. Oh hell, maybe it has and I am not giving him any credit.

I just get all weird when I read about such senseless, stupid acts. What kind of parenting did this individual have, has he read any biology books, or did he just hear of this new breed of "gentle bear - we will call a Panda"? Give me a break! My patience level for stupid acts is extremely low - can ya tell?


I got up early this morning, dressed and of course make-up on, and I was going to get all the grocery shopping and my dollar store (paper) purchases made before anyone else got up. Well formulated plan - shot to hell. Thegrandson got up and wanted to go with me - why, he would want to go out in 27* weather escapes me, but I caved.

He is really no problem at all, he is in charge of the buggy and marking off the items on my list - which he does well. He has a few problems with rushing the buggy around corners and sometimes knocking someone down - but such is life. Having found this picture, gives me a good laugh - as I LOVE my Crocs. I have summer Crocs and I have lined winter Crocs. I wear them all the time - and I know some people thing they look awful - NOT ME!! Hey, I still love bell bottom jeans, what can I say. Fashionista I'm not! Dress for comfort - you betcha! They work well in grocery stores just fine...so I ignore any looks or sneers.

Our final destination was Movie Gallery, and I was going to let thegrandson get a movie and a Playstation game. He lucked out and found what he wanted...and back home we came. Bless his heart, he lugged the 12 packs of pop in the house, even the huge bag of dog food - and I didn't even ask. This does scare me a wee tad.

I made some chicken salad, which we will feast on for a couple of days - great weekend food. I think thegrandson and I will make some blueberry muffins in a little while - he loves them and we really don't have anything else to do. His mom is at work and we can do any crazy thing we want - my rules!! Ohio State just kicked Michigan's ass (expected) and WVU trounced their opponent - that all makes for a good mood also.

Have a good weekend. Stay warm and healthy. Later......


Nan said...

Being young and male seems to be a universal shortcut to doing remarkably dumb stuff. Remember the three guys who decided to tease a tiger in San Francisco last year? They provoked it to the point where it apparently charged them, and that's when they (and the zoo) learned that if sufficiently motivated the tiger could get out of its enclosure.

kenju said...

Ilove crocs, too, and so does my cat! I have a photo fo Storm with her feet in my black crocs, just like that!

Anonymous said...

It sounds like you're having great weekend so far! I'm glad that your grandson is helpful and that the trip to the stores ended up being nice and not aggravating. We never know what it's going to be when we leave our house.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

Kulkuri said...

Hey, everybody is kicking Michigan's ass. Didn't the coach come from WVA??

themom said...

Rodriguez left WVU and was sued for over $40 million dollars for his contract. The matter wasn't settled until a few months ago - and he agreed to pay back the $$ to WVU. He's a fukktard. There are no well feelings for him in WV anymore.