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Friday, November 21, 2008

Great little ditty.....some humor too!

DivaJood had this clip on her site and I just loved it. The visual is comical, if you have a vivid imagination. Visions of my hippy days run through my mind - when going naked wasn't a problem. Today, if one were to see me naked - they would immediately go blind....or worse!!! (**all my mirrors stay covered in this house!)

I'm really ready to get into decorating for Christmas - which is the biggest thing for me. I've said before, I love the decorations more than buying/receiving presents. But I've never forgotten my kids, grandkids, friends...wouldn't be fair to make them all sacrifice the expense and just ENJOY!!! Someday.

So I bought my dog Angel her first Christmas apparel today. Thegrandson thought those candy cane ears were for him, but he finally gave in that they looked better on the puppy. I think I have said before, that someone "dumped" this dog in our neighborhood about 5 years ago, and she is the BEST dog ever. She never barks (occassionally when making her nightly turnout in the backyard), she protects the grandson, refuses to eat the cat (but we are working on that), and KNOWS when I want to take her picture and moves as far away from me as possible.

I shave her hair in the summer and spring months, as I could make rugs with all the shedding she leaves everywhere. She appears to be a mix of collie and chow...but still wonderful...oh, and I never have to have her on a leash, she stays right by our side, without ever being trained. Good puppy.

Then we have the basketball shaped, psychotic CAT:

Isis lacks personality and after just a couple of nice pets - she will take your arm off. Must have been bad breeding - as I have always had cats and enjoyed them getting on my lap, shoulder whatever...not this furball!! My bed is HERS, and I almost have to beg to get into bed at night. She basks in the sunshine as it moves from one spot to another during the day, and heaven forbid you may need to walk in that spot - she starts her growling. She is 11 years old and with my luck she will taunt me for another 10 at least. I have fun teasing her at times to - have to get my paybacks....mwahahaha!

I just read that GM is putting 2 of its 5 corporate jets out of service, because they are not used enough - well, I'll be damned, wonder who will buy them or has enough $$ to buy them?!?! But, I honestly do not find this step enough.....because the 3 top execs are still going to continue to use their private luxurious jets for business and personal travel. I honestly do not think that will satisfy the legislators - at least I certainly hope it doesn't. Shareholders should be blowing a gasket! Their shares have dropped to abysmal lows, and they would tolerate these execs still abusing corporate money. One premise they have used is that these jets are for their safety - excuse me, his lily white ass is more special than mine, and I have to trudge through airport lines, tote my luggage and squeeze into a sardine can of a seat???? BTW - are there people seeking to cause harm to these execs - well, that might have been easier to answer BEFORE all this greed and excess came to light. I say, suck it up, fly commercial, and I will be OK with you using First Class because you don't want to sit next to smelly me - but GIVE UP THE JETS AND EXPENSE.
Trivia time: Who used this slogan in their Presidential run in 2004?
Stronger at Home...Respected in the World
Of course, George W. Bush - moron of sorts!! Must have pulled that one out of his ass, considering he must be brain damaged or as we say in this house....drain bamaged! (There daughter2)!


Evil Twin's Wife said...

Funny video. And I love the dog and cat pics. They're so cute!

Mnmom said...

Video won't run - I'll try again tomorrow.
My husband and I keep talking about these insane bailouts and we just get so damn mad!!! In his world, if you screw up a job you fix it for free, on your own time or you get fired. These high-priced assholes have driven their companies off a cliff and we're supposed to rescue them? Reward them? With no accountability or proven plan? I think someone needs to get fired first, then the big 3 need to bring in some smarter folks who'll get the job done for a lesser wage. And whoever OK'd a union pkg paying over $70 an hour low-skill labor should be fired too.

We're in financial ruin because of medical bills and a rotten boss who wrecked a good company and stole about $30,000 in wages from us. Who's going to bail us out?

If a company is "too big to fail" it's just too big. Period.

My goodness, I sound a bit bitter, don't I?

Dave said...

Great videos and thanks!
Funny how no mention of Toyota or BMW or Volvo, or Mazda, or....
All of the above have plants in North America, and all of the above are not going hat in hand to the government for money.
Build a better mousetrap and the world will buy it!

Nan said...

Great video.

The foreign companies are in better shape than the Big Three because among other things they don't have the financial burden of pension plans and retirees -- they haven't been here enough. It's not just market forces. I read somewhere that one of the Japanese companies is actually kind of shakey, too, (or at least their U.S. operations are) becauses sales are way down. Also heard GM is actually turning a profit in other countries, like Russia, but has no plans to use any of those profits to help bail out their U.S. divisions.

Kulkuri said...

The $70 an hour figure includes all the labor expenses including the cost of all the retired workers and their medical benefits etc... It's all part of the propaganda to make the worker look like the bad guys in the eyes of the public and have people screaming to cut their wages. I worked on an assembly line for Ford for three nights and quit twice on the fourth night. Anyone who can put up with working the line deserves every penny they get!!! The only ones making $70 an hour are the higher up suits and nobody is bitching about their wages.

Chickie said...

Wow, that is one big cat.

I can't wait to dress my girls up for the holiday!