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Thursday, November 20, 2008

She does not have a clue...nary a one!

I really didn't think this woman could do another insane thing to set me off...I was WRONG!! To listen to her drone on and on with her pageant speeches (very bad grammar), and while you watch this video...she has NO clue that turkeys are being slaughtered behind her. Oblivious. Arghhhh........it's not a squeamish type video, but we are aware of what is happening in the background.

At least I was able to watch the Steelers win against the Bengals tonight. Since we have an independent cable owner (not affiliated with Comcast), we were able to get a channel other than the NFL Network. What a joke that is...most large cable companies will only offer the NFL Network in a bundled sports package that is garbage. Just another thing that sets me off.

Oh well, bedtime, I'm outta here! Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

I was cracking up before I got past your title.

I swear, she does love the camera and the sound of her own voice.

Mnmom said...

I'm glad she likes to hear herself talk because I can't STAND it!! She has the most annoying vocal patterns I've ever heard. And that background??? You just can't WRITE funnier stuff!