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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

You either love her or hate her but....

after a long absence (due to ill health) Helen Thomas is back in the drivers seat. Over a span of eight presidencies, this woman has held court for the daily briefings. She would often ask the questions some less weathered reporters would be afraid to even broach.

I have always liked her tenacity and forward approach in confronting the highest office holder in our country. She appears to have suffered recently with the weight loss and unsteadiness, but I am sure her questions will still be spot on!

I haven't blogged as much yesterday and today, as besides having a damn stomach flu or something, the pain in my neck and shoulder is KILLING me! I feel much better just sitting around and whining - not that anyone cares....wah!!!

So with that - I leave you this (just for the moment!)

**I got this in an e-mail from thedaughter2 this morning...it just felt so right!


Anonymous said...

It will be nice to see Helen Thomas treated with respect again.

I hope you're feeling better soon! What a drag to be sick and sore.

Kulkuri said...

You know aWol & Co. was scared shitless of Helen Thomas when they removed her from the position she had earned in all those years of press briefings.

I love the bird picture and will steal it for use at a later date. All I have to do is think about it and I start chuckling again. I've had a lot of days when I have felt like that bird!