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Saturday, November 01, 2008

Just some odd-ball stuff, for the moment...

Thegrandson decided he wanted to be Batman this year for Trick or Treat. Originally, we padded his chest and arms to give him that muscular look - that didn't fly for long. So he went as a skinny, gangly superhero.

This picture was taken after his Halloween party at school Friday. Poor Angel, looking out the door, she hates to be left inside!

Aha, he is now in his fighting stance....watch out!!

Since I have been overly obsessed with this election season and blogging....my usual "diary" routine has gone totally to hell. For over 20 years, I have kept a 12 month calendar book, and my entire life ends up on each and every page. Appointments, birthdays, anniversary's, important events....you name it - it goes in the book. But alas, since August, I haven't even opened the damn thing. When I keep it up - it looks something like this:

When I go back through some of these over the years, they look like a kaleidoscope of colors - thank heavens for all those wonderful colored highlighters!! In December I will buy a new one for the coming year, and sit down and write in all the birthdays and important stuff and then begin my log all over again. Needless to say, I started again today with more entries - but having 2.5 months of blank pages is strange.

So much for my Saturday hodge-podge blog. There is much more interesting stuff going on in the political arena (shocked???) and I am checking some things out! Have a good one all!


Dave said...

Is that your penmanship in the day timer? My goodness I am impressed. I would be embarrassed to share my squiggles that I used to keep faithfully in a tiny pocket size day timer. I am now trying to adapt to a Blackberry. As much as I fought the stereo types associated with the "crack berry" addicts, with really bad phone hearing as a result of being at the mercy of a software developers idea of how to program a cochlear implants interpretation of sound.
Every day my phone usage gets better, but alas, email is much more efficient. Know if I could only get good at using a qwerty the size of an thumb.

themom said...

Yep, that would be my own handwriting - usually all printed and quite small. I can't even re-read it without my good old bifocals.

SamuraiFrog said...

Love the Batman costume; I would've been all over that costume as a kid. I hope he had a great Halloween.

Anonymous said...

You are so organized! I'm envious! I used to keep a color-coded calender. Used to.

The grandson looks great! I hope he had fun!