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Sunday, November 09, 2008

Some people do not.......

deserve to walk the face of the earth!! Out of curiosity, I started researching when, possibly was the funeral service for Madelyn Dunham, grandmother of President-Elect Obama. Since it has almost been a week since her passing, and all the tumultuosness (is that a word?) that the Obama's have been going through since election night - I assumed (bad habit) the funeral would be in the near future.

From what I gather, at some point in time an announcement was made, that the funeral would be at the convenience of the family, possibly a memorial service in December. Understand, it's not like I was planning on attending, I just figured that Obama's plate is rather full at the moment, and like I said CURIOSITY got the better of me.

Some other tidbit I ran across in regards to the possible funeral was this:

I'm sure everyone has read about this FRED PHELPS in the past and his ugly band of crusaders. They are the ones hoisting hateful, mean signs at the funerals of our military, killed in action. This group is nothing more than a deranged cult. I have seen interviews with various members on News interviews...and needless to say - I'm not impressed, just totally angered.

I have never been able to understand the susceptible brain, that allows these "followers" to obey every word and command of their so-called leaders. I cite the Davidians, the group (900+ people) in Jonestown, and let's not forget the suicidal group waiting for their alien ship on the far side of Haley's comet. Some of these people have to realize their groups are very small and select, and never question why there are no other groups in the world that share the same ideology. Oh, I forgot...they are the "chosen" ones!

Now, my ultimate scenario, should this moronic group of idiots choose to "protest" at Barack Obama's grandmother's funeral..............that the Secret Service arrests each and every one of them and charge them with an offense against the future President of the United States. Let them spend their last dime on litigation. Mwahahaha - evil woman that I am. My understanding of the law is that even though he has not been sworn into that office as yet, he carries the same privileges as if he were in office, i.e., threats, etc.

Now tell me, doesn't Fred Phelps remind you of the Old Preacher man on Poltergeist? Creepy fart!

These are just some of the ignorant sign these buffoons proudly display at funerals. If they believe in a righteous God - I should think they'd be afraid of an errant bolt of lightning.

OK then, my Steeler's lost and I am not happy - zapped by a Manning...arghhhh!! this is too much to bear right now. Later!


Warped Mind of Ron said...

I've heard of this ignorant group before. I wonder if bad things happen to their cult is it "God's Will" or is it just the Evil of the world. I really just find it amazing that people will spend so much energy hating people they don't even know.

Liberality said...

This group came to a military funeral here in a small Indiana town. After they upset everyone, the town passed a law making their protests illegal. Oh they can still protest, but just not anywhere near the funeral, the funeral home or at the cemetery. I don't know if the law will stick as they haven't been back.

Chickie said...

Pardon my french, but I despise those fucking assholes. I remember when they were protesting at a funeral and a bunch of bikers showed up and revved up their engines to drown out the protesting.

Kulkuri said...

Many states have passed laws against protesting at funerals because of these assholes.