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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Man --- this gets harder and harder every year.....

and I would be talking about Christmas decorating. With the pain in my back, I can't stand long, and definitely can't lift and tote like I used to. Screw this...decorating for the Holidays is one of the few enjoyments I get out of life!

I made it as far as getting the tree completed. I have one less string of lights on, as thedaughter didn't want to help me peruse the other boxes to find more lights...and I know I have probably 8 new boxes in the basement. Oh well, looks good anyway.

Thegrandson has been bugging me to put his train around the tree this year and I acquiesced. I told him once we start putting the presents under the tree, the train will NOT be running. I wanted to get a "skinny" tree this year, but didn't like the pricing, so being the ingenious person that I am...I bent the arms of the branches where they go into the hanging slots, and now the tree is not as full, which works well. The room is small, and I hate having the tree overpower the room.

I shook off the dust bunnies from my old "step ladder" and thegrandson decided he like his 3 tiny bears placed on the rungs. Oh well, he likes to help and feels better afterwards - that can only be a good thing. I have had this ladder for at least 15 years, and I actually forget what I used to place on the damn thing. I have brought up the pine and ornaments for decorating the top of the entertainment unit, but I honestly don't have the energy to finish it tonight. This may be a rough decorating season at this rate. Usually I am much more organized, but this year, first box found - I deal with it. Considering I never fulfilled my own promise, to REORGANIZE all this stuff prior to this holiday, I have to bear my own consequences.

Thedaughter has dinner ready, so I will post pics of any progress I might make...key word being "might!" Taking drugs for pain now.

Later all..........


Karen said...
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rennratt said...

Ah! I signed in as 'my other self' and didn't want to cause confusion.

What do you take for the pain? I take either Relafen (sp?) or Lodine, depending on whether or not I need to be conscious.

I love the look of your tree! It looks like it was decorated by a professional!

We haven't decided when to put up our tree yet, but I'm guessing it's not far off. My 8 year old is quite the Christmas child.

Anonymous said...

Your tree is really beautiful. We don't put one up and I don't know if we'll decorate at all this year in case we're in the middle of a move, but oy! the pressure to put things out is mounting. Resident Evil loves the holidays. She's cursed with two parents who couldn't care less.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Beautiful tree! I only do a tree and we won't put it up for a week or so. I'm a bit worried about it and the toddler this year....