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Saturday, November 01, 2008

Could this be........

John McCain's swan song? One can only hope. The Arizona dwarf has been slinging mud and perpetuating lies from the beginning and still "doesn't get it!"

Between the curmudgeon and frostbite queen they have tried to paint Obama as the anti-Christ, anti-American mistake for this country. I have to say I am impressed by the citizens of this country to see past these lies.

These last few days before "decision time" appear to be taking a toll on poor Johnny. I, for one, am totally pissed because I have been waiting to see McGoofy "blow his top." Wouldn't you love to be a fly on the wall on the Straight Talk Express? Just some thoughts here:

  • "Cindy Lou, you have to tell that Alaskan bitch to shut her mouth and stick to the script!"
  • "I was a POW dammit - how the hell can these idiots choose a black man over me - I'm the MAVERICK, I'm the real American!"
  • "Why the hell didn't someone tell me her daughter was pregnant?"
  • "What does 'being a secessionist' mean?"
  • "Tucker (Bounds), I told you to dodge the hard questions and to DEFLECT to make Obama a mean, bad black man!"
  • "Who is Carly Fiorina?"
  • "Can you really see Russia from Sarah's house?"
  • "Why don't the blacks vote for me - I have a black daughter!"
  • "If anyone on this bus says I called her a whack job, your ass is outta here!"
  • "How can we get all those ACORN registrations thrown out?"
  • "My buddy Bush was dumber than a box of rocks - how the hell did he get all those votes? Cindy...get him on the phone now c**t!!"
  • "Tell that Joe the Plumber, next time he doesn't show at a rally - we will attack him in the press - and blame it on Obama (chuckle)!!!!"
  • "Get G. Gordon Liddy on the phone....I may have a job for him, oh and tell him to bring the guns!!"

From all the reading I have garnered lately, it appears that Sarah Palin's approval ratings in the state of Alaska have dropped sharply. The state legislature has gotten along well in a bi-partisan manner since Palin was elected governor...but now it seems, since she has shown such divisive opinions and been so vindictive in this election, the consensus is, she will not enjoy that same rapport upon her return - when she loses Tuesday!!! I guess that would be another one of her shortcomings - her short-sightedness!!

Cheney R.S.V. P.'d - he will be more than delighted to attend Bristol Palin's shotgun...er, I mean wedding!!!!!

I am trying to assess what I will have to blog about after this election. I am one of those Election Obsessed people (EOD). My other enjoyment is watching court programs (serious ones.) Since Court TV became TruTV - it sucks!!! My kids wanted to kill me during the Phil Spector trial last year. It lasted five months, I was blogging, chatting on 2 sites, and was "objecting" from my seat in my kitchen!!! When the final result was a mistrial - I was a basket case. The retrial began this week - but there is good news for my family - NO live streaming of the trial this time!!!

I'm not worried - there will be daily events I'm sure - and with all my opinions....no problem.

Have a great weekend!!! Don't forget to become a follower - above!!!


Liberality said...

all the wingnuts will be frothing at the mouth and telling big fat lies. you could research those lies and get the truth out there for those of us who don't have the time to do the research. and the way they go at it, it ought to keep lots of bloggers busy for a long time!

Mnmom said...

I agree, wingnuts will always be with us, and give us plenty to push back against.

I KNEW I always like Bullwinkle!