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Saturday, August 23, 2008


At the end of my last blog, I mentioned the problem with my checking account. After checking the balance online again today, I saw that the $598 charge to Norwegian tickets was no longer on there and balance was in OK shape. I sent thedaughter to get something at the store, and my debit was DECLINED again. Now I'm pissed and it is a Saturday, but I try the 800 number for the bank, and after jumping through all the "push this number and that number" hoops, I got a real live American person to speak with. This is a good sign. It only got better. YES, MY ACCOUNT WAS HACKED!!! The bank said this $598 charge came in on the 20th and they tried to call me (NO THEY DIDN'T), but I would be receiving a letter of dispute against the charge, which was mailed yesterday. I definitely told her that it was a fraudulent charge - but since my son and I are both on the account, we each assumed the other had made this charge - TILL TODAY. We spoke, via e-mail, and found out the truth. thus the reason for the "decline" on my card. How fukking embarrassing - when you know the problem, and those who have to tell you the card is no good.

Oh well, they are expediting me a new debit card, and I have to change all my online accounts to reflect the change, it's all worth the effort. But in this day and age of not carrying cash, it causes me problems - my checks are good - now let me remember - how do I write a check???

All just another headache I didn't need at the moment - but it can be rectified (hopefully).

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Chickie said...

Ugh, what a pain!