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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Back to school sleeping habits...NOT!!

School begins earlier and earlier every year it seems. With the usual "make-up" days for snow school cancellations, school is out for the summer the first week of June and now the kids start back August 21st. "Back in the day", school NEVER started before Labor Day. I truly believe that year round school is inevitable - at this rate. One thought locally, is that since football games (for High School) are being played early, that a requirement of the State governing agency requires schools to be in session.....I say BS! Let the kids enjoy the last days of summer!!

Be that as it may, I have been trying to get thegrandson back on an early bedtime, in preparation for getting up early for the bus. So far, IT IS NOT WORKING!!! The little chap is like his mother, a night person. I can get him bathed, teeth brushed, all the little nuances of bedtime preparation - and the little stinker can find every excuse in the book of "why NOT to go to sleep!" I put him to sleep in my bed, and when his mother gets home from work, she carries him up to his bed (I am physically not able to carry the load upstairs!)

Miracle of miracles, last night was a GREAT night. No arguments, the TV went off, no claims of being afraid of the dark...and he has this inherent knack of taking over the entire bed. These pics are actually tame - if he ends up sleeping with me - he may end up literally on top of me, or upside down in the bed...such an erratic sleeper!

Thegrandson is very "long", he is ALL legs, like his grandfather and sperm pop! Thank God he is not short and stout like the rest of us!! Hee-hee!

Oh well, that's my input for the moment. I'm proud of myself, I also figured out how to set up my cell for Twitter. I may be old...but still some of my brain is working! Later guys! TTFN

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hee Hee! Every year I say "this year we're going to get our sleeping habits back in order BEFORE school starts."

Uh huh.