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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Did I piss someone off??? Go figure!!

I had TWO appointments today - one at 2:30 pm and a doctor's appointment at 3:45 (which I have been waiting on for over a month) - and BOTH cancelled on me. I have rescheduled them, but I made arrangements for thedaughter to be home for thegrandson after school (she had to request day off) and now this!

When I went to the ER - I was told to schedule a follow up with my family physician - OK, from first of June I managed to get a follow up appointment for today - now I have to wait till Sept. 4th - WTF!!! My time is important to - I have to make allowances and arrangements the same as everyone else. Can you tell I'm pissed.

If something comes up and I get a cancellation call for the 9-4-08 appointment - fukk them, I'm cutting my arm off and they will really feel bad then!!! I can be so mature too!

Oh well, I don't need to put the make-up on and get dressed now - so I am going to just schlepp around as is!! I'm not expecting anyone important so to hell with it! Maybe a nap will improve my attitude - then again, maybe not.


rennratt said...

Did they tell you WHY they had to cancel?

Over booking? Random vacation day?
Emergency surgery?

I HATE when that happens!

themom said...

renn: the first appointment was cancelled due to sickness, as for thre 2nd, my doctor - no explanation (and he is NOT a surgeon). Again, I consider my time equally as important as theirs.