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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Waiting and waiting is a pain...

My 13 year old grandson was rushed to the hospital from school yesterday, and as of this moment, still no concrete answers. Shortly after midnight they were going to perform a spinal tap - but at this moment they are throwing around - meningitis and encephalitis. I am going over to the hospital after while, but thedaughter2 is keeping in touch with me and letting me know the latest updates. As soon as my "delivery" comes, my butt is outta here. Be back later.

**Update 10:25 am...results from spinal tap was good - clear and no infection. His white count is still elevated, so the search begins for source of infection. Now they are centering on the intestines. More later.


Anonymous said...

I'll keep a good thought for him. Hope everything is okay.

Anonymous said...

First off.... My thoughts are with HIM and all of you there for him. Sick kids just seems so very un fair!! Hope you get some answers and good news soon!

Secondly DAMN 13!!!!! I can not believe he is a teenager!!! But I guess time fly's and it has been 10years since I saw him last. But it still seems like just yesterday we were at the hospital waiting for him to be Born and I was pissed when my mom mad me come home at 11pm on a school night!

Again my thoghts are with you!

Jane Ann