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Friday, August 22, 2008

I'm WORN OUT!!! These Olympic games are....

taking their toll on this old body. I couldn't sleep after watching the men's Volleyball for the gold. Laying on my bed, it is like I am PLAYING the damn game. My legs are moving, I'm actually trying to help the guys make the shots - I really need a life. Thedaughter actually thinks I'm weird, imagine that.

Then the "breaking news" came after the win - that the IOC is finally going to investigate the age question in regards to the Chinese gymnasts. I have been reading blogs and following links since the games began, and have seen where documents were accessed that reflect their actual ages (3 of them) as 13 and 14. I am not shocked that China would try these underhanded tactics - I was just furious that the IOC was turning a blind eye to the matter.

My heart breaks for the young girls who may be stripped of their medals, but unfortunately the adults set them up to be hurt. The judging was atrocious also, but one could assume there may have been some interference there also.

I guess I will try to go to bed again - sleep is not my friend. It is something I have to work very hard for. Just thought I would add this little tidbit.

later guys!

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