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Monday, August 11, 2008

...just chilling!

I have had a headache from hell all day and felt like garbage...therefore a day of zip accomplishments. Thedaughter had a day off and cooked on the grill and we have just been sitting out here enjoying the cool temps for awhile. Maybe a fire in the pit will top of this blah day.

The dawg is enjoying the remnants of the steak bones, thegrandson is playing with the neighbor girl - although she is only 3 - he likes her more because she has a playset! When she starts throwing rocks at him - he will come home. Little chiken shit.

We feel like 'KEEPERS OF THE NEIGHBORHOOD" at the moment. One person went to NYC on a 2 day bus trip, so I had to get her newpaper and mail, neighbor across the street has taken off to parts unknown on a vacation, and the family on the corner has taken off also. The peace and quiet is definitely noticeable. I think I can get used to this.

Has anyone watched the Olympics and Bushies in attendance? I'm sure, we as taxpayers, have paid for the entire Bush clan to enjooy their China trip. Good old Dubya at a photo op with the beach volleyball babes - what a goof! And he is trying to wheedle his way into getting us into another war I believe...with Russia!?!?! Let's see how many fake letters and WMD's threaten us this time. Just thinking about the remaining 5+ months he has left in office - chills me to the bone. He has no clue about the economy and how we "po folk" are being affected. I have been avoiding going to the grocery store - and our cupboards are almost bare - but food prices have shot through the roof. Like I'm telling everybody something they don't already know. Just griping I guess.

Today has been an uneventful day as far as news goes...takes the fun out of my CNN watching. Now I just have to wait till 8 pm for Olympics to begin again and I will be just fine.

Going to run for now and check out the schedule for games tonight. Take care - maybe a better blog tomorrow. TTFN

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