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Friday, August 08, 2008

Ahhh...our Olympic sized pool!

Thegrandson is quite the little swimmer, yet we have no public pools nearby and this is the best we can do for him. My backyard is quite "lumpy", for lack of a better word, and we have no luck with the water inflating pools - because no spot is large and level enough - so we are stuck with this monster of a pool!! (hear my sarcasm?)

I had a video and have been trying to get it on here for two days...and no luck. I guess it is too large or something. I will try to add as an attachment to theson - since thegrandson wants him to see his abilities in the water.

I have calmed down after yesterday's "near miss", but can't get certain images out of my mind.

With school starting in two weeks, we are trying to get thegrandson back on an "early bedtime" - which hasn't worked so far. The little booger does not like to go to bed at all. As soon as school starts - the little stinker has a birthday on Sept. 4th - he will be 8 years old (and still wears size 3-4T shorts). My poor little Ethiopian grandchild. His appetite has picked up, but crap he still gains very little weight. BUT...he has grown in height over 1 1/4" in a month!!!! He is definitely going to be a tall one.

More later, watching the Olympics (for the next 17 days), again pissing everyone off. Too bad, I love to watch all the various competitions and the Opening Ceremonies last night were awesome. The bad news is waking up this morning and hearing that an American was killed by a crazy Chinese person last night, and the wife of victim is in serious condition in the hospital. Truly, we are never really safe anywhere.

R.I.P BERNIE MAC! So sad to hear of this young (50) man's passing - he was hilarious.

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