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Saturday, August 23, 2008

I'm Sure Theson & thedaughter will enjoy...

Now, as a rule, I don't drink. I did my fair share in my younger days, so I am not a prude. Having been married to a lousy drunk though, I changed my view on drinkers. By choice, I prefer not to be around a bunch when the "obnoxious" starts. Theson likes his beer as does thedaughter - and I am constantly warning against that nasty alcoholic gene that can be inherited. Like I have any luck.

But I thought this was an original and funny bar statement. Am I a hypocrite? Oh well - so be it!

OK - so Obama didn't pick my girl Hillary as a running mate...but I am not so upset with Joe Biden. He would be super as far as foreign matters go and my feeling is he is a fair and just person, having heard him speak many times. So we will see what happens now!

Just jotting this while taking a break from cleaning. **My checking account has been screwed with - as there was a $598 debit from Norwegian something or other. And today - the charge has disappeared - WTF! Will check on it Monday. I HATE PROBLEMS.


slyght said...

where did you find that? i have a picture of that "prayer" from a bar in belize. i'll have to find it and link it later.

themom said...

Ahhhh....STUMBLE of course!