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Friday, August 29, 2008

Repubs definitely DROPPED the ball on this one....

McCain has picked Sarah Palin as his Vice Presidential nominee, and I believe he has done it for all the WRONG reasons.

Question: Does this party think that by naming a WOMAN makes up for Obama NOT naming Hillary as his VP?? I most certainly do not think so. Hillary's credentials and experience far outweigh ANY of Palin. Palin held council positions (local level) before being elected Gov. of Alaska in Dec. 2006. Not even 2 years in state office - and an investigation was begun this month as to "abuse of power" into firings of some personnel. As far as any qualifications on a federal level - NONE!

Question: Can McCain continue to pronounce Obama's "lack of experience" and his "youth" to his followers? Again, the answer is NO. Obama has been in the political arena for over two decades in one form or another. As for youth - can't argue that one now - Palin is 44 and Obama 47. Just a note, McCain turns 72 today!

I have made a few phone calls to my very good Repub friends - and I don't hear happiness in their voices. A lot of head scratching and WTF going on. I guess we will chalk this up to McCain's Senior Moment.

The most interesting thing to see will be the VP debate. Biden against the upstart. I will leave the more in depth commentary to the Dipassionate Liberal.

I stopped at Democrat Headquarters to pick up signs and stuff, but they weren't open yet, so will get back there tomorrow. YES, there will be OBAMA/BIDEN signs all over my property, cars, even my body if I have to. I think I will start knitting Obama coats for the cat and dog too.

I love ya all, no matter party affiliation - I just happen to be outspoken at times.

***BTW - her husband works for BP when not on his commercial fishing boat.

1 comment:

B-Town V.J.G. J Ho said...

It's like a sitcom: The "Maverick" and the "MILF".

The only 3:00AM call she gets is a MOOSE is in the garbage can.