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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I should NEVER....

assume that a situation, thought to be under control - is anywhere near control!! Per my blog about the bank screwing up the checking account...and as of Monday (25th) I assumed that I had finally talked to the right person and all was well. HELL NO!!! I was told they were expediting a new debit card, which I would receive today - and someone had to be home to sign for it. No problem, UPS dropped it off and didn't require a signature - grrr... in order to activate the card a trip to the ATM is required. I ran to the ATM, with the intention of heading straight to the hospital to visit my grandson, after the deed was done. Insert card, punch in PIN, get nominal amount of funds, check balance...$35 WTF!!!!!

I rushed back home, checked account online and this Norwegian Airlines debited $614. and change on the 25th. My fingers couldn't dial numbers fast enough. Moron #1, says, "Mam, shouldn't be a problem, I will connect you with someone who can correct this problem." Now, Moron #2 is the one I have the problem with...after explaining the situation I have been dealing with since Saturday, and naming all those I have spoken with (including times and day), this idiot says, "you will have to submit a DISPUTE form, and once we process it - the funds will be replaced within 24-48 hours. Again, I explain that I have bills coming out of this account and that I was told I could write checks since the debit had "dropped off" the account. Now the argument begins...well 'Mam we didn't stop this charge, as we notated an amount of $598. How hard is it to understand that in all conversations, I reiterated the fact that I did not know of this Norwegian Airlines, nor have I ever done any business with them? Lame, lame, lame excuses.

I said to e-mail me the form and I would FAX it back immediately and I would expect my $$ back in 24-48 hours..."Oh no 'mam, that is 24-48 hours if we start the process today, I can't guarantee that it will be processed today!" DAMMIT - SEND ME THE FORM!

I just happened to have the phone number still laying around for a lady who is the "head honcho" and called when I wasn't here Monday afternoon, I assume to see if her employees had been helpful. I decided to speak with her and see what happens. OMG, the nicest lady in the universe. I gave her a detailed account of what had transpired, she understood, and said "I want you to do exactly as I say. Write (particular info) in a statement form, sign and date it and fax it to me personally. As soon as I receive the fax, which is here by my desk, I will immediately replace the funds in your account." Could this person be true? Could she wield that much clout with such a large bank? Oh well, what did I have to lose? I did as requested....and one hour later she has all the funds replaced in the account.

I am hoping that this is the end of this matter, but I thought the same thing two days ago. Kudos to my new best friend at the bank, I may put her on my Christmas card list now! This entire situation has had me a nervous wreck, I find it harder to deal with all these crises this late in life.

***TheAustin (grandson) is doing much better, apparently he has an intestinal problem that should be handled well with medication. He is spending another night in the hospital till his fever stabilizes.


Evil Twin's Wife said...

The only thing worse than dealing with a bank is having a sick family member... {{{HUGS}}} I'll be checking back for updates on him.

Chickie said...

Whatever you do - don't lose the phone number for the helpful person at the bank!