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Tuesday, August 05, 2008


And I don't care if they see this! I have been on a gas budget for many years and never late on a payment. My budget was in the low $50 range, and on the "adjustment" month (July), I only owed $48 over the budget. I get my online bill today and my new budget is $82 whopping bucks. I immediately called Columbia Gas, and I think they employ the nastiest of people, to explain that I have a fixed income and cannot pay more than $60 and the answer was "there is nothing I can do!" I am not going to even consider the PIP program, as I have heard of those who get clobbered with huge balloon payments. This woman is trying to tell me that my budget has increased because there is going to be a 30% increase in rates...thanks Dubya! In actuality, she is saying that they have based my budget on a 30% increase over the new rate...as I went over the math with her and the actual increase (at 30%) would be $16/month - not $26 more a month. I am so furious right now, to the point of puking! I'm ready to just chuck it all...I can't make it and I am getting more and more scared daily.

I need time to absorb all this, I will be back later.


Evil Twin's Wife said...

I paid more than $5K for new windows last summer. My electric bill went up, my gas bill went down. Who knows!

themom said...

I had a new foundation, new windows, doors all installed in 2001 - and my biggest heat (gas) bill was only $148. The Gas companies calculations make no sense whatsoever. Greedy bastards!