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Monday, August 25, 2008

Woohoo Democratic Convention begins...

Since I definitely need a life (and cannot foresee one in the near future) I guess I will be watching the Convention which begins this afternoon. I remember HATING the entire process when I was younger - when TV's were only B&W, and three channels - we had no option but to watch! Coming from a very long line of WV staunch Republicans...I broke the chain many moons ago. Short of driving a stake through my father's heart, I can't think of anything else that upset him as much when I told him I was switching to Democrat. Understand, he was the grandson of the 6th Governor of WV, his uncles and great uncles were all Judges and Supreme court justices - and how dare I change the balance of nature??? Dammit - it was the 60's - we wanted to change EVERYTHING!!! It was not the end of the world and we made up and all was well with the world...as long as we no longer discussed politics.

In 3rd grade, my twin sister and I wanted to "go away" to boarding school, since our brother was allowed the luxury...and our parents said OK, not sending us to another state, but just in town to a girl's Catholic boarding school. (We were not Catholic.) I must say, it was an interesting teaching experience, albeit different from public schools, and I think I found a fondness for politics at that stage. One of the nuns was a cousin to John F. Kennedy, and he made an all day campaign stop in Parkersburg, meeting with his cousin for a couple of hours. Of course, she had to show off her beautiful charges (that would include me) to Kennedy. That was a memory I will hopefully never forget. Thinking back, and being such a young person, the thing that impressed me the most was how tall Kennedy was, and I loved his accent. I can vividly remember all the women imitating Jackie Kennedy with their 2 pc. suits and pillbox hats - so much for originality. Oh the fun times of youth.

But now back to reality. Obama picked Joe Biden as his running mate Saturday, and as I have stated, I would have preferred Hillary, but I can live with Biden. What amazes me the most is the "SPIN" which started immediately from the McCain camp. The hypocritic statements begin. Mistakes or mis-statments will now be made aplenty and apologies abundant. Dammit - let's get to Election Day and hopefully let change begin.

To follow McCain will only be four more years of Bush and honestly, I believe the majority of people are fed up! And if I hear "because he was a POW" one more time, I may go ballistic. I am not without sympathy, but being a POW in and of itself carries no credentials to run a country. He survived, fooled around on his wife, married a rich broad and has so many houses he can't count them...OK, let's move on.

Enough of that for now. I called the bank to reaffirm what I was told Saturday and got a different girl, who told me a completely different story - so I had to be transferred to her supervisor. Two out of three have the same details, so I am going to consider the ridiculous amount trying to be debited from my account - as closed. Give someone a phone headset, set them in a cubicle and they can tell you anything they desire, right, wrong or otherwise. Far be it from me to keep making calls till I get the right answer or one I can live with.

I need to find something to do today, I have cleaned, laundry is caught up, moved furniture (to the point of pain), and today is cooler, maybe something on the deck...we will see.!!

Have a great day and TTFN. Stay well.

***I finally was able to see theson and chat on Skype. I feel much better.


rennratt said...

You went to Catholic School in Parkersburg?

Is the school still there?

[I lived in Parkersburg about 14 years ago - and worked at a Redneck-ish Bar next to a strip club]

Anonymous said...

I'm so sick of the political process already. I just want to be done with it.