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Thursday, August 21, 2008

I KNEW IT ALL ALONG....gymnasts were underage!!

Now I will show my ignorance...is that a "peekachu" at the end of the line? (Please excuse the spelling). No matter what, having read all the articles, some going back to January of this year, and seeing the research done on these very young girls...2 are at least 13 years old. Now will the IOC check further and regain the medals back...or let the story ride??? Were they excellent athletes??? No doubt, but there is great difference in body structure (pre-pubescent), and the fact that there is NO fear of bodily harm at that younger age. Not to get down on the Chinese (but I am), after watching the Ladies Beach Volleyball final last night, the Chinese girls, took a "medical" time out, which was clearly a ploy (which failed), and NBC documented past incidents of this abuse during the break. Being an Olympics devotee, I must say that the Chinese divers (springboard or platform) are excellent - the best. No matter what, all their dives are exceptional. Enough comments on that for now though.

I spent all day Monday and most of yesterday in bed with the "Summer Cold From Hell!" Headache (a killer), snotty head, and the...cough. Now coughing isn't bad basically, but since I have re-injured my back (last October) and my breastbone is still in separate pieces (never mended)...when I cough, I manage to hurt every part of my lovely body. Thegrandson has been a gem...asking if I need anything and gladly getting it if I do. Considering I have to babysit at the same time...I think the roles were reversed.

Today was his first day back to school and I didn't even wake up in time to wish him good luck and a hug send off.

I have a 3:45pm doctors appointment today, and have to make my list of all the things I wish fixed - and I am ready with the "I don't think so" response when he suggests a battery of tests. Of course I may rethink that one if he volunteers to pay all costs involved...highly unlikely!!!

The step-sons and families are all in the Ft. Myers area of Florida, and haven't heard a word from them, whether they have been affected by the flooding rains from Hurricane Fay, or not. Of course, I rarely hear from them...period! But since my job is to worry...I will keep doing just that.

I got an e-mail from a fellow classmate (from oh so many years ago) and a friend is on his way to a Pittsburgh, PA hospital for a double lung transplant...I hope all goes well, as he has been suffering for many years with a chronic condition.

I am off to practice for the 2012 games now....right!?!?!? Everyone stay well and TTFN.

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