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Friday, August 01, 2008

Oh the things we take for granted...

I don't know how many readers had the type of parent who "walked 4 miles in the snow to get to school" - but I did. I managed to make it to the ripe age of approximately 12 before I realized the talents my parents had for exaggeration. Granted, when I was going to school (50's & 60's) things were considerably different than they are today. If we, as students, lived less than a mile from school - we walked. A mile back then didn't seem to far - today - instant coronary! But I digress...thegrandson catches the bus one block from home, and the school bus then has regular stops at almost every corner...RIDICULOUS! The area where I live is not sprawled or massive, there is no reason that all the kids could not gather at one central location, thus saving gas and time for all. Such a basic plan just doesn't fly - everyone (parents) like the luxury of "no inconvenience" to themselves. I have made this suggestion to various school board members and it has fallen on deaf ears --- MORONS!

Flashing back again, when fire hydrants were flushed, all the neighbor kids would don their swimsuits and play in the street and flowing water for fun....NOT ALLOWED TODAY. We wouldn't want anyone falling or suing the city. Grrr...

Our water service has been interrupted 3 times in the last 2 weeks and this is not pleasant. More than anything I do so like to flush my toilet. Well, another outage was scheduled for last night from 11p till 11a...what a pain in the ass. Granted this time we WERE notified and thedaughter and I saved water everywhere and got all baths early...and the outage was a "planned" one to have all work scheduled during normal sleeping hours. Well, I am up and I want my water...another 70 minutes to go, but I seriously doubt that the water will miraculously be turned back on ON TIME!

A new road is being constructed between the downtown area and connecting with our western outlying area. All other utilities have been moved over the past several weeks, i.e., phone lines, gas lines and cable. So last night, all "underground" work was to be done. The new road will be great in the winter, as we won't have a windy, narrow road to travel in snow and ice. If I am not mistaken though, the new road is scheduled to be completed in 2009 sometime.

I know I could not have made it in the "prairie" times...I am spoiled, I like my lights turning on at the flip of a switch, water as soon as I pull the lever, TV when I am ready to relax and of course.....MY COMPUTER for general relaxation.

Take care and stay well...TTFN


Anonymous said...

Hi Marie... I'll do you one better when we lived in NY My daughter got picked up at the end of my driveway. Although up there in the winter it was great. Here in SoCAL we walk to school 1.3 miles. A;; schools are in the neighbor hood and unless you have an IEP you walk! Or your parents drive you depends! I now have one in half day K and full day 2nd so I get to make the trip 3 times a day! I guess I am getting my excercise!!

Jane Ann

Evil Twin's Wife said...

We live so close to the middle school and high school that the buses don't run for kids in this area. They either walk or have mom or dad drop off/pick up.